Temperature control & dog feeding alerts

I’m very new to all this so please forgive me if these topics have been covered in detail before.

I want to set up 2 scenarios. The first being to monitor the temperature of the freezer and send an alert when it goes above a certain temperature for longer than 5 minutes.

The 2nd thing I’d like to do is to get an alert if the dog’s food box hasn’t been opened between certain times in the evening.

I’ve got a multi sensor, a motion sensor and a Presence sensor which I’d like to make use of if possible. They’re all Smartthings. If I need anything different please could you advice me. As I said I’m very new to this but looking forward to building up my smart home.


Check out webCoRE…

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Both of those are considered complex rules because of the secondary filters…

In other words, it would be easy to get an alert when the temperature went above a certain number, but once you want to add “above a certain number for at least five minutes“ it becomes a complex rule.

Similarly, “has not been opened“ requires a more complex rule than just “is opened.“

It’s definitely possible in smartthings, but The set up is a little trickier.

See the following (the topic title is a clickable link):

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