If "It's too cold" automation smartapp exist, why not "It's too hot"?

Hello I found the “It’s too cold” smartapp inside SmartThings > Automation > Climate Control.
It can start a smartplug to ON, bellow a fixed temperature from a senzor.

Now of course, it is needed an oposite smartapp called somthing like “It’s too hot” to turn OFF the smartplug. Do anybody knows how we can achieve this (basic) function?

Thank you.

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@daniionescubrasov There is a smartapp in the ‘Marketplace’ called ‘Virtual Thermostat’ (under ‘climate control’)
This should do what you want

I know. It’s not working. It does nothing.
The “It’s too cold” start the selected smartplug instant, bellow a custom temperature.
The Virtual Thermostat do nothing bellow or above desired temperature.

Not sure why it’s not working for you but ok… there is an app in the IDE which is "it’s too hot"
It’s one of the templates you just need to copy the code and publish it for yourself.

Oh, thanks!
I’ll try…

If you need help installing please let us know

I found it, installed and published (for me) via the My SmartApps (desktop interface).
Now where I can find it under the mobile Smartthings app? :slight_smile:
(It is published under “Convenience” category via desktop interface. But we have no “Convenience” category via Smartthings mobile app…)

You should be able to find it under MyApps
Self published app don’t go into the catagories

It’s very easy to install but I can find it anywhere into SmartThings mobile interface. U can test. It takes 1 min to discover that it do not work. :slight_smile:

I found the solution to create a thermostat from sensor(s) and Auto Turn ON a smartplug from the physical thermostat. The solution is created with webCoRE pistons and is very simple and functional. This is what I wanted:

Regards everybody.

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I don’t even look at the marketplace apps anymore. webCoRE does everything that I can imagine.

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I had a similar issue and needed an “It’s too hot” routine but had trouble installing/using the template. I’m sure it’s easy for smarter people than me but it wasn’t as simple as I had hoped to set up. Essentially I have an outdoor fridge that loses power on occasion and I installed a multi-purpose sensor inside and wanted a notification if it went above 41F.

FWIW I found that the ‘SmartThings Recommends’ -> ‘Smart Home Monitor - Custom’ home monitor worked perfectly for my needs and allowed me to simply (without using the IDE even) send an alert when the temperature got over my threshold. Even better the alert can include video from my camera showing what’s going on with the fridge!


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