When I said scenes I meant within lutron. You can set up actions within the lutron software. So you can make one called snack scene (which was one from the lutron training and is awesome) it makes the lights on the way from the bedroom to the kitchen turn on at like a 20% dim level.

I see. If you have programming skills and don’t mind running a computer 24/7 you could do that without SmartThings hub, just using a custom smart app. But it’s definitely not a turn-key solution.

Lutron scenes are also triggered by a simple telnet string as well. I think having a computer running 24/7 is sooo not green. I haven’t had time to sit down and see if i could use a RBPi to take IFTTT and kick out a trlnet script. If it could than that would be the bridge.

By ‘computer’ I did not mean a 400W server. RPi fits that definition as well. :smile:

Haha true and yea that might work well as a bridge.

So can the hub issue and receive the results of telnet commands to local lan devices?
Not sure I saw a concise answer to this one…

@Ben Did you ever get your RadioRa2 set up? If so how and if not any word of giving some control to allow telnet control? I really would love to allow my ST to send off telnet commands.

So I have RadioRA 2 at home and I’m about to put it into our cottage. I’d love to see ST support the system! I love RadioRA 2 and my only issue with it is the lack of conditional logic. Tying it into a simple control system would go a long way to adding cool capabilities!

So… what’s the status of things? :slight_smile:

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I have not integrated my RA2 system. Sadly. :frowning: But I am gathering support to move it up as a priority. :smile:

We are in talks directly with Lutron to see what we may be able to do together.

Some of us can telnet into our hubs but that access is restricted, I believe.

I think you misunderstood the question. What we need is not to telnet ‘into our hub’, but rather have our hub telnet out to external host, i.e. instead of sending HTTP request, connect to TCP socket and send/receive plain text messages. That’s what telnet does.


Please talk about control to the radiora2 system and not just the caseta system. No hub to this day can control the radiora2 system which is what we all want because the caseta system doesn’t have SeeTouch keypads and their dimmers are ugly!!



After looking at various lighting control systems, I also decided to install a Radio RA2 system, and would second the proposal to integrate SmartThings with Radio RA2 via Telnet. I believe the integration of these two systems would make a very powerful home automation solution.



+1 again for Radio RA2 support. Working with them or not, it is a VERY reliable system and can be controlled with telnet commands. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… you would be the only home control / integration equipment that I aware of that will do this!

Telnet would also open up Vantage Controls to integration with ST.

It seams that it is already possible, all thats left is for someone to code up a devicetype with the right commands, and it should work.

Raw TCP sockets

No, sorry this won’t work with telnet. Telnet usually requires a state to be established. Sometimes even authentication.

You might be able to hack something together to send a raw socket to 25 every 20+ seconds but it will time out, not parse any response, etc.

Maybe hub v2 will give us hope, but don’t hold your breath on full telnet support. You are far better off writing a middleware app that can take a web request, send telnet and relay the response back via an endpoint.

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I have to agree. ST promised TCP socket support six month ago, but like most things they’ve promised it never materialized. I wouldn’t count on V2 either.