Tekmar Radiant Heating Controls - tN4 Gateway 482 - RS232

Anyone know if it is possible to connect Tekmar thermostats (in particular the Tekmar Tn552) to smartthings using the tN4 gateway?


You’d have to come up with an intermediary to handle the communications, a “bridge” of some sort. Might be doable, but non-trivial. I happen to own a Tekmar system with a 483 gateway (which wouldn’t work at all). Nice idea!!

Cmon Smartthings. All the major high-end vendors support integrations with Tekmar. The have a full published api. http://tekmarcontrols.com/products/accessories/482-firmware-update/7-products/219-tekmar-home-automation-protocol.html If you want smart things in high-end homes than please assign a resource to add this support please.

The Gateway 482 is compatible with the following home automation systems:

AMX (amx.com)
Clare controls (clarecontrols.com)
Crestron (crestron.com)
Control4 (control4.com)
Elan Home Systems (elanhomesystems.com)
Savant (savantav.com)
Vantage (vantagecontrols.com)

They also have a wifi/ethernet model Gateway 485.

I have 3 Tekmar 561 (WiFi) thermostats for radiant in floor heat. Been looking for an integration for quite some time but no luck. Tekmar 561 WiFi thermostat and smartthings integration

I had a survey from Tekmar the other day. They asked which SmartHome products I would like to see the thermostats integrate with it. Choices were Smartthings, Google Home, Apple Home Kit, IFTT, Alexa, Wink and some others… You had to put them in order. ST was first on my list followed by google and IFTT. If anyone is still following this tread, i thought you may be interested to know that Tekmar may be looking into it. FYI