Tapo matter over Wi-Fi colour bulb (UK)

Anyone tried these with SmartThings yet?
Im thinking they will come in twice (once via matter, once via cloud integration)

Price is not bad and I like that it’s over 1000 lumens rather than the usual 806.

Googling I didn’t find any reviews of this model so perhaps it’s quite new.

Govee also doing a colour Wi-Fi bulb of over 1000 lumens too, has good reviews, but it’s not matter so that puts me off.


Wiz has nice A21, 1600 lumens, color bulbs that are Matter over WiFi. I have 2 and they work well. Being A21 they are big and might not fit in all fixtures.

No specific fingerprints for Tapo devices in the matter-switch driver, so you may only get generic support such as on/off and dimmable depending on the deviceTypes provided by the device. For example, here are the deviceTypes needed for an on/off, dimmable, color changing device:

 - id: "matter/colorTemperature/light/2"
    deviceLabel: Matter Color Temperature Light
      - id: 0x0100 # OnOff Light
      - id: 0x0101 # Dimmable Light
      - id: 0x010C # Color Temperature Light
 deviceProfileName: light-level-colorTemperature

And you don’t necessarily need to do the cloud->cloud integration if you are going to commission the device for Matter.

I know you don’t necessarily need it but I do as I have other Tapo devices which are not matter :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’d be v disappointed if I bought a colour matter bulb and couldn’t change the colour in SmartThings :person_shrugging:

I have looked at these, probably too bulky for my light fittings and maybe brighter than needed (for 4 lamps in a room). I currently have ikea 1000 lumen cool/warm bulbs which are fine, but I’d like colour if possible.

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With Matter over WiFi devices there is no need to add them to their native app, so that could eliminate the duplicates caused by your existing c2c integration.

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Well, that’s sorta the state of things at the moment. For example, the ThirdReality Matter over Wi-Fi nightlight is supposed to be color changeable, but it’s not in ST. I think others have said it is in Alexa.


I still wish there was away to fix this. I control the color with Alexa and a virtual switch.

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You’ll probably want to add them to native app to get firmware updates though.

Should be able to get updates via ST since it’s a Matter over Wi-Fi device. My Tapo mini-plug has firmware update commands.

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Excellent, I have tapo mini plug too but need to keep cloud integration for it for a different reason though. The power monitoring doesn’t work through matter but does through cloud integration. I hope that changes :crossed_fingers:t3:

Perhaps once there is a standard way to do that. Only Eve supports it right now and it’s a private arrangement as mentioned here.

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