Sync Ecobee Heat/Cool Between Multiple Thermostats?


Looks like Ecobee has discontinued their syncing service. Is there anyway to do this from SmartThings?

I had to set this up in Sharptools. I had to setup duplicate rules for opposite units to allow me to use either of my thermostats to set the modes for both.


I was not aware they had a syncing service! Hmmmm….

In any event, I’ve been using ST to ‘sync’ them for years. My situation is two zone, one upstairs and one on the ground floor. The upstairs zone is AC only, and feeds three upstairs rooms plus the living room on the ground floor. On all but the hottest days, this is sufficient cooling for the entire house.

The issue comes in spring and fall. Sometimes, the sun creates so much heat upstairs that the AC kicks in - even as downstairs remains cool! So my ‘sync’ via Smartthings is to ensure that this scenario never results in the AC upstairs running while the heat is running on the ground floor.

I take that one further: the upstairs AC never runs if any of the upstairs windows is open. The downstairs AC or heat can run with open windows, because occasionally cooking generates intense aromas that need to be moved out of the house regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

OK great to know this is possible!

I haven’t used Sharptools yet so will try it out. If you have any hints on how you got this to work please feel free to share. I have 5 thermostats in one house :slight_smile: They are on mini splits so if one goes to a different setting everything stops working.

Here is a snip of my rule. Teh otehrs are just variations of this for the various thermostats and modes. There may be a more concise way of doing this or robust way with more programming in a single rule, but this works for me. Note that this is an immediate switch when changed in ST or Sharptools, but delayed in ST and Sharptools if modes are changed in the Ecobee app due to their delays in reporting from Ecobee to ST.


Thanks so much for sharing!

Got it all working.