SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Indoor Smart Plug $12 w/Prime

There’s an extra 20% off coupon on the page while it last…

Amazon just delivered mine 15 minutes ago. I am going to use it for the Christmas tree this year.

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Current coupon is $0.25, but still the cheapest zigbee or zwave plug I could find. Works great. Somewhere I read this was rated to 15 amp, but couldn’t find that on the box. Can anybody confirm this?

Found the sticker on the back of the plug. 15 amp.

What’s the exact model # on the label?

I’ve heard there are two versions of the plug. I believe only the one with the “A” at the end will repeat zigbee signals from other devices.

The one I received a week ago is 72922-A, however it is the -A version that has been reported as not working as a repeater for Xiaomi devices. Sylvania Smart Plug— is it a repeater?

Thanks for clarifying.

Same model number I received from Amazon last week. Happy to run some tests to see if it it a repeater if folks can tell me how to do this.