Sylvania Dimmer and RGBW controller

I bought this light set

and this dimmer switch

and can’t seem to get them to work in smartthings.

I can get the rgbw controller to work just fine in smartthings and after installing this device handler, RELEASE: OSRAM Lightify Smart Dimming Switch(Ultra-fast Zigbee Handler, No Smart App)
I can get the dimmer to work in smartthings

But when I create a smart app to get the RGBW to work with the dimmer switch, the lights won’t work.

Any ideas? I’d appreciate the help. Thanks.

This might help:

To use the particular DTH you chose, you have to individually bind the lights to the dimmer, which may not be possible with those models. They also have to be within 1 hop of each other.

This worked great, thanks.