Switching from wink (IHome? Nuheat?)

Hello - I currently have a wink hub and given the new monthly charge I’m looking to switch. I have a bunch of different plugs/switches and lights and see that most of them will work with smartthings however there are a few I don’t see and was wondering if you guys know if these few items are compatible.

  • iHome outlets
  • Nuheat heated floor thermostat (doesn’t work with wink anyways)

If the iHome outlets aren’t compatible what are the most reliable outlets. I have problems with the ihome where it seems like I need to reset every other month.

Can you provide the model numbers?

Only the iHome ISP5, ISP6, ISP6X and ISP8 are supported.

I don’t know about the NuHeat so hopefully someone can answer that.

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They are all ISP6X. But as I mentioned I have to reset them all the time. Does anybody have any brand of outlet they think works really well?

There is a community created integration for NuHeat, but you will have to install custom code to make it work.

Begin by reading the following FAQ which explains the process for adding custom code to your account with the classic app.

FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

Then if that sounds like something you would be interested in trying, here is the thread for the NuHeat integration:

Nuheat heated floor thermostat

[Release] Nuheat Signature Thermostat

You can ask any follow-up questions in that thread and people there will be happy to help. :sunglasses:

The iHome plugs have always been iffy, although they’ve gotten a little better over the years.

Pretty much any Z wave or Zigbee smart plug that works with smartthings Will be more reliable than the iHome, but then you have to have a smartthings hub as well and I don’t know if you were looking for a hub optional configuration.

WiFi (no hub required)

If you just want to use a Wi-Fi plug, there aren’t very many that have an integration with smartthings other than Samsung’s own. This is the Wi-Fi model. Rated for 15A. Check the model numbers, because there is also a Zigbee model and that one would require a hub.

Personally, I like the Meross devices for WiFi, and they do have a smartthings integration from the manufacturer. But I just like the engineering on them and the fact that they have ETL certification. And work with HomeKit also, which the Samsung plug does not. Also note that this one can support up to 16A, which is higher than most plug-in pocket sockets.

Zwave (requires hub)

If you are planning to get a hub, then my favorite plug-in pocket socket For lower amperage devices is hands-down the Zooz zen25, which is a zwave device. Slim profile, two separately controllable outlets, and a USB charger port. Wellmade and an excellent value. But it is limited to a total draw of 10 A. :sunglasses:

Zigbee (requires hub)

And again if you are planning to get a hub, for a budget choice it’s hard to beat the IKEA Tradfri. It’s a very simple plug, just one socket, and pretty bulky, but at under $10 when bought directly from IKEA it’s an excellent Zigbee choice. The product description may say that it needs its own gateway, but you would be using the smartthings hub instead.

There are lots of other brands and options available, those are just the ones I would use for myself. But I will pay a little extra to get better engineering, and for some people, it’s always price first. Choice is good. :wink:

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BTW, We do have a community FAQ for people who are migrating from Wink to smartthings. I’m going to put the link here just in case it’s of any interest:

How to migrate from Wink to SmartThings