Switching Clarity--what to buy?


I am just getting started with some ideas on what I would like to do as far as home automation is concerned, but am feeling a little confused on some of the items…specifically the switching. I’m hoping that someone can look over what I am thinking to make sure what I think I need, is actually what I need.

First off, I would pick up the Smarthings hub. With that I would like to replace some standard light switches with the GE smart switches. 3 configurations are 1-way switches while 2 other configurations are 3-way.

Looking at another post, I see that the following switch is recommended from Lowes.


For the 3 way configuration would that be what I purchase plus an extra auxiliary switch?

For a 1-way config, would I still just buy a single switch similar to the one in the link above (without the auxiliary switch)?

Thanks in advance!