Is there a device that can notify when an outlet has power?

(Spencer Flagg) #1

I have an all-too-common problem. I have convenient wall switch that controls an outlet in an inconvenient location, and a well-placed lamp plugged into another outlet without a switch to control it.

The simplest SmartThings solution would be to spend $100 on a smart plug and a smart wall-switch, and then spend a few minutes swapping the switches out. But it seems like there should be a cheaper/easier solution out there.

Is there a device that can be plugged into an outlet and act as a switch-relay of sorts? The outlet would be given power by the wall switch, and the relay would tell SmartThings “yes, i just got power, now do something”.

Does this type of thing exist in any fashion?

Z-wave plus in-wall outlet
(Todd Whitehead) #2

Plug a zwave outlet switch into the switched outlet. Then plug another zwave outlet switch into the lamp. Then use big switch to tie them together.


(Ron S) #3

Aeons work for me… Smart energy switch…

(Jody) #4

You are better off swapping them out, you will know when you have power; but you won’t be able to do anything without power. For me, my outlet that was controlled by a light switch and I replaced both the outlet and the switch with zwave outlets. This gave me an outlet on the wall in the perfect spot for mounting a tablet.

(Kevin Tierney) #5

Would this actually work? When you shut the switch off, the zwave plug connected to the switched outlet would lose power and the other switch wouldn’t know that the first one went off? I know the bulbs don’t work that way. Do the switches store enough power to report back as they are going off?

(Todd Whitehead) #6

Sorry, I meant to say replace the wall switch, not add an outlet dongle on that end.

Thank you for catching that.


(Todd Wackford) #7

I have (actually had) a similar situation in my house. I put an original Smart Motion detector (runs on battery or mini-usb power) on the switched outlet. And had 3 torch lights with GE wall dimmers on other non-switched outlets.

I hacked an app like (turn-on-when) to subscribe to the motion detector going from battery to AC power. When that triggered, it would turn on the Torch lights. If the motion detector when to battery, it would do the opposite.

(Spencer Flagg) #8

Aw, too bad. I was hoping it might be as simple as that.

I’m a renter in a house that had a monkey for an electrician 30 years ago. The last time I wanted to swap in a smart switch, I ended up rewiring the whole wall from scratch. Heh.

(Spencer Flagg) #9

Hmm… neat idea. I was hoping to keep this particular switch and purpose it - but that’s a good project for elsewhere in the house.

(Spencer Flagg) #10

NICE, that’s the kind of solution I was looking for. Now I’m wondering what the smallest / least expensive z-wave device is that has that type of battery / wired power solution.

(Morgan) #11

@wackware What app has the detection if the motion detector is on batteries or not?

(Todd Wackford) #12

Try this one:

Socket Power is Out


(Spencer Flagg) #13

Are you saying that Aeons will notify when they lose or gain power?