Switch relay 220V

Can anyone recommend a switch relay for a 220V device? I’ve been looking at the Enerwave however quite a few reviewers have said the relays died after a few months.

What End device are you going to use with it?

The Aeotec heavy duty inline switch is on the official “works with SmartThings“ list and is quite popular. However, it’s pretty big.

Got a query from someone who wants to remotely power on and off a large format printer. They had installed a sonoff switch but it’s not working consistently, so looking for alternatives.

I’ll check out that aeotec heavy duty switch. Was also looking for lower cost options in the same price range as the Enerwave.

You should never power off a printer from a wall switch. You need to do it from the power button so the heads can get back to their home and capped position. If not, you’re going to have clogged printer heads.

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It’s not quite the same price range if you only want one of them because it needs its own little bridge, but you could look at the SwitchBot, which is a robot finger and works well for making dumb devices smart when all you need is a button push.

You do need to get their little cloud bridge in order to integrate it with IFTTT.

2019 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT

@Paul_DeFeo I had that concern as well, my assumption is that they power it off with the power button on the printer and also power off the wall switch. I know very little about large format printers so had to take their word for it in terms of their query

@JDRoberts I have heard of those, hadnt thought about that, I can present that as an option, thanks.

Im looking at the Aeotec Z-Wave USB Z-Stick, Aeotec relay and domoticz installed on Windows to trigger the relay via the Z-Wave USB stick.

What’s the power draw on the printer?

The Aeotec ZW1 32 you link to is Max 10 A draw. That’s fine for US light switches or most EU outlets. But US outlets are typically 15 A, so you don’t usually put those devices on a US outlet. If the printer is already on a wall switch, you need to check the specs to make sure it’s not higher than the usual 10 A.

Now I’m confused. This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform. So all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context.

If you are using a smartthings hub, then you don’t need the Aeotec z stick – – that’s another Z wave controller.

Why isn’t the sonoff working?

I know it is late, but thought would share an official email response from Aeotec, as it may help many. I received this today:

"Hi khan,
Ticket: https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/1441672
I can fully confirm that all of our Z-Wave products support the voltage variable between 100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz. The US Range Extender 6 will work properly on 220VAC.

Chris Cheng
Field Application Engineer
Aeotec Inc.