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Switch for hot water heater?



Might not be able to reuse the box since it looks like metal, which isn’t a problem for the current timer but can be a problem for the radio in the Z Wave or Zigbee device. That’s why the smartenIT devices, which are intended primarily for use with pool equipment, Have the weatherproofing that they do – – it allows you to use the relay outside of a metal box. But you can also get a plastic project box if the metal is a problem, those typically let more signal through.

There’s also the question of operating temperature range. As I mentioned, the Aeon micro is really intended for installation inside a wall, and it’s only rated for A range from 41 degrees Fahrenheit to a little over 100. In contrast, the smartenIt is rated for a range from -13 degrees Fahrenheit to 120. The GE falls in between, but can handle down to 5°F.

(And if you have it inside a metal box, it typically will get hotter in the summer.)

In general, if the device doesn’t say that it’s rated for outdoors, it probably won’t be rated to work below freezing.

The point is just that there are differences in the different models. So it’s good to look at the specs. :sunglasses:

(Daniel Ionescu) #22

You’re right. Thing is I didn’t recommend a specific device as I don’t know where house is.
The point I was trying to make is that thre could multiple solutions to the environment. Also, I don’t know if the timer is outside or inside. And I don’t know if the box has a door or not.
Imprtant thing is that from the picture he does not need 40Amp rated device.

(NHaley) #23

Which way did you go and how did it turn out? I’m deciding between the two lately. The aeon has watt monitoring, but I’ve already got an electricity monitor. The intermatic is a cleaner install, but is hard to find and $10 more. I’m torn…

(Justin) #24

I am interested as well to see how this goes. I have a double pole 30amp breaker and hopefully one of the suggested products will work.

(NHaley) #25

I ended up going with the Intermatic model. Pretty clean install, though I could only find two of them in the entire internet. ( may have one left!)

So far looks to be working well. I do have a pretty strong mesh extending into my garage, which might help, although it wasn’t recognized immediately. After searching for a while, I just went to my list of things and it was there. Had that happen a few times with zwave devices - couldn’t find it in a search but then it was there in the list.

Starting out with a simple schedule for now. Eventually more advanced automations - I’d like to pair it with my thermostat to keep the water heater and heat pump from running simultaneously if possible (to avoid high demand charges from our utility). May also try some seasonal scheduling, since we very rarely need hot water from June-October in Phoenix.


I’m currently looking at this model, I was interested in the Intermatic model but as @Nhaley mentioned they are in scarce supply. Also I have some Amazon credit I need to use :slight_smile: Anyone have any experience with this model? It looks like its supported by smartthings and meets the specs, so I am likely ordering one soon.

(NHaley) #27

I think it is the intermatic internals, with an improved antenna. Provided you have even a fair mesh network wherever you plan on putting it, you’ll do fine.