Hot Water Tank control? Jasco vs Intermatic vs?

We are on Time-of-day rate billing. We have been using an Aube T1040 Industrial Timer to turn our hot water tank on at specific times. The timer gave out last week so now I am looking at options that I can automate. From what I can see the main options are:

  • Jasco Indoor/Outdoor Smart Switch Direct Wire (12726)
  • Intermatic Inc Contractor/switch (CA3750)

Does anyone have any experience with either one of these? Are there other options I should be considering? I’m leaning towards the Jasco device due to its energy monitoring capabilities despite its higher cost.

This will as well - then use your ST walwart or receptacle of choice.

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The smartenIT zigbee relays are popular for high draw devices and are exceptionally weatherproof in their class. They might be worth considering.

Aeon Labs also makes a heavy duty zwave micro relay with energy monitoring which is popular in the community. But it’s intended for inside the wall installation, and doesn’t have the weatherproofing.

So those are just two more possibilities.

Second vote for this. We use it along with a smart wall plug. Use smart lighting to turn it on and 6am and off at 11am. We shower and wash clothes in the morning. I set the dishwasher to run at 7am. Seen a decrease in our electric bill.

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I think I will go with either the Aeon Labs ZW078-A or Jasco Indoor/Outdoor Smart Switch Direct Wire (12726) since they are able to monitor energy usage. Are there device handlers written for both one of these? The Aeon Labs is Gen5 and is almost half the price so I am leaning towards that one.

So I ended up getting the Aeon Labs ZW078-A. I installed it and it works fine. Now I want to setup some automation. Basically I want two different schedules, one for weekdays and one for weekends. Additionally if I turn on the hot water tank when its not at a scheduled time I would like it to turn off automatically after 1/2 hour. To accomplish this I installed the ‘Smart Home Ventilation’ app to use for scheduling (Why smartthings doesn’t have a good scheduler built in is beyond me) My first problem is that it handles one scheduled time (Weekdays) fine it didn’t execute a second one (Weekends) Is there a better app to be using. Second I was planning to use Core to automate the automatic off after a half hour but I couldn’t figure out how to handle days of the week checks so that it doesn’t interfere with the scheduled times. Maybe its better to try and do the whole thing in Core? How to I check day of week in Core, how do I do a timed turn off after it seem the hot water tank turn on?

Core can do everything you want-- just add your questions to the end of the core peer Assistance thread and people will be glad to help you with the specifics.