Convert Electronic Switch to Mechanical (Bionaire Fan) for use with smart outlet

Hello all,

Would anyone here have the knowledge to help me with the subject. The fan I have is linked below.

I have some mechanical knowledge but I believe I need some baby steps laid out for me to help me on this one.

Essentially, I would like the fan to start upon plugging it into the wall rather than requiring the power button to be pressed after plugging it in.
I really don’t know where to start.

Thank you all for any help you can offer.

This could be tricky depending on what circuitry is inside the fan. If power is controlled by a relay then it’s probably not difficult to bypass but if this is a multi speed fan then it’s probably solid state which is not easy.
One other way to do this is to get an esp IR remote controller like this one.



Thanks so much for the response. Sadly, as you said, it is a multi speed fan.

I actually own the harmony hub so I’m sure I could program one of the blasters to work the hub. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to tie it to harmony and could streamline straight to smartthings with an outlet.

The more I learn about home automation, the more I realize, the less steps, the better.

Thank you for that link also, I had taken a look at it earlier and was afraid even that may be getting out of capabilities.

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