Suggestion needed for motorized shades

I cant find any discussion on this particular problem but I’m looking for motorized blackout roller shades for a house gym. The problem I’m running into with most companies are the size of the shades. There are 7 large 95"x59" windows about 20ft up the walls. I have 120v running between each window so would like to have 120v motors or 12v adapters as batteries would be difficult to service at this height. I would like to control these via ActionTiles thru Smartthings on a tablet mounted on the wall. It would be a plus to be able to also connect these to a single or grouped RF remote for backup. Serena is the only company that seem to check most of these points for $1000/shade. Are there any other options out there?

Axis gear works well with roller shades w/ a bead chain loop. They just got official support from ST as well.

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My concern with Axis or similar chain pulling systems was the weight of a large shade. How reliable would this be in the long run pulling a heavy shade twice or more time a day.

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Again same problem with zebra blinds, nothing motorized at that size.

In short if the bead chain can pull it w/o breaking, axis gear can handle it

They are 95 inches wide? Not 95 inches long?

Those exist, but they will be very expensive. You can get Lutron Serena made in that size:

(They will look like a dimmer to smartthings)

And the Bali shades that have an official integration with smartthings can also be made in that size, but again very expensive. You might try Costco for those if you remember.


@JDRoberts Thanks for the tag

Depending on the type of shade it would be about $345ish each. Will vary based on fabric, options, etc.

Remember to use the SmartThings coupon in cart.

$345 for that size @ZebraBlinds? I just paid $333 for Bali for 1/3 the size!

How much would my 35x45 inch blinds have been from you folks? I have another 10 more to go.

Again guys it is 95" wide and 59" long (tall) so no Bali or zebra

@zebrablinds is a company representative for zebra blinds so should know if they have a custom size option that would work for you.

And I was able to configure one that size on the Bali website, so I’m not sure what’s going on. They aren’t available from the retailers that stock the precut sizes, though, so they will definitely be more expensive.

@baigdental There is z-wave motorized options at that size. As mentioned above, it would start at $345 ish for your size after discounts. Cellulars definitely go to that size, for rollers we might need to do an out of spec request to check, zebra shades also go to that size.

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@eyenass Would start at around $260.

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Yes, you’re right. Cellulars do come in that size but again, these are for a gym so I need something a lot more resilient than cellular. I’ll revisit zebra and look into Axis, as well. The last I spoke with Bali and Zebra reps, neither were willing to make custom out of spec shades of this size. @ZebraBlinds do you have a link to a solution? Smart blackout roller shades 95x35 controlled via ST? I don’t see any on your website. All the options say not available in that size.

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@baigdental The cellulars would last just as long as the rollers and have the exact same warranty. Resilience is pretty much the same across the board. You are also less likely to run into motor related issues with the cellulars from rough handling during shipping.


If a flying ball hits a cellular shade, would it not bend/squish the horizontal cells? Being 20ft high, i imagine it wont be easy to straighten them out everytime. Also, aren’t cellulars usually made of fabric that can get dirty (ex. after being hit by a flying ball?)

The cells should go back to their shape without issue (as long as it’s not being pressed against for hours at a time. In terms of dirt it would be equally the same with roller shades. The only one that would be easy to clean would be the fully vinyl blackout roller fabrics. Everything else will hold onto dirt from balls etc just the same as cellular shades although, cleaning on the rollers would be a bit easier.

that was my thought, too. And yes obviously I was only considering a tougher material like vinyl for the roller shades. So, you guys have anything that checks all items?

The blackout vinyl fabrics can be done as an out of spec. You just need to request an out of spec by emailing (or .ca for canada) and request it for the essential blackout fabrics. 95" wide x 35" high. Also specify which power option you wanted (so plugin transformer I am assuming for you).

Just a heads up, since it is an out of spec it might be around $400 per shade rather than the normal $200 - 300ish

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I’ll send an email right away. Just realized a typo. The large windows are 95"x59". There are 8 large windows and two smaller 35"x59" windows in the gym.


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