Suggestion for in-wall dimmer with satellite remote

I’m looking to add another in-wall dimmer for a light, but would also like a satellite remote for it. Something like the stick-on Hue remote.

OR, is there a satellite stick-on switch that can turn other smart switches on and off?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

Assuming that you have a SmartThings account, since this is a SmartThings forum, Any accessory switch, either a battery powered or Mains powered, that can communicate with your smartthings account can be used In a virtual three-way with any other device that can communicate with your SmartThings account. :sunglasses:

The accessory device sends a message to the hub and the hub sends a message to the master which then turns the light on or off as requested.

There are some that look just like a regular switch and there are some that look more like a push button.

You can see most of the options in the buttons FAQ. Each entry will indicate whether it is available on the US or UK frequencies and whether it is battery or mains powered, so read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are looking at one that matches what you want. Some offer dimming capability, some are just on/off.

The FAQ is intended to only have one or two posts per device and to link to a discussion thread about them. Please do not ask any questions about the devices in the FAQ: Either go to the discussion thread for that device or come back here and ask them. That keeps the FAQ easy for other people to use.

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings

Also, If you think you would be OK with scenes rather than full dimming capability, such as a four button device with one button for on 100%, another button for on 50%, the third button for on 25%, and the fourth button for off, then the following thread should be of interest and is much shorter than the buttons FAQ. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

Get an Aeon minimote with four buttons that can control any SmartThings device. Stick it at your entrance and you have a four button light switch.

The minimote has been discontinued, and looks a little odd on the wall, anyway.


These days I think most people are choosing the newer generation replacement from the same company, the Aeotec wallmote. Comes in a two button or a four button model. It’s discussed in the thread I linked to above about the “just a button“ question. :sunglasses:

Thanks so much everyone! Found what I was looking for in this simple and cheap little button:

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If you are in North America then your best option is a wired Lutron Caseta system and wired dimmer switch with an associated Lutron Pico wireless remote. The Lutron Pico remote is a wireless remote and can either be used hand held or you can buy a wall mount bracket to mount it with a US decorator faceplate in which case it looks just like a wired switch even though it is battery powered.

If you are not in North American then Lutron consider you to be scum of the universe and not fit to sell their Caseta range to.

I would have to respectfully disagree. It’s not easy to do business in multiple countries: regulations and technical requirements can be significantly different. Just as each person should be free to choose which job they wish to apply for, each company should be free to choose where they wish to do business. Otherwise it’s slave labor.

Caseta specifically is a do it yourself product, but UK laws regarding do it yourself electrical work are very different than those in the US and Canada.

Lutron does offer some of their professionally installed Products in the UK. There are many business reasons why they might have chosen not to offer the do it yourself line, and none have to do with disrespecting the potential customer base.

I understand that you admire their products and feel frustrated that you cannot get them where you live. But that’s no reason to disparage the company.

It is permitted to install replacement light switches in the UK. The entire electrical system of a house does indeed have to be at a minimum checked by a qualified electrician and this mainly applies when rewiring a house but replacing a switch or light fitting does not require this. Due to this other products like Fibaro, LightWaveRF, etc. can be bought and fitted by end users.

The fact that all Lutron’s other product lines i.e. Homeworks, RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select are available in the UK shows Lutron are already experienced in dealing with the required wireless, power and safety differences. It also shows there is an established demand for Lutron’s products sufficient to justify this on economic grounds and I don’t think anyone - not even Lutron would argue differently for Caseta. They have even done different form factor smart wired switches for the UK and EU market for the Homeworks and Radio RA2 product lines. (RA2 Select uses the existing Pico remotes, for which they also do a European wall mount kit.)

The are even UK and EU versions of the Lutron Connect Bridge for Homeworks, Radio RA2 and RA2 Select complete with HomeKit support. So there is very little work left for them to do to make a UK/EU version of the Caseta. Note: This does not mean the amount of work is insignificant - it is significant but comparatively a lot of the work has already been done for the other product lines which after all use the same Clear Connect technology.

So I am sorry but I do feel insulted by Lutron as they clearly must think the UK and EU are too stupid to use Caseta. If you do have any contact with Lutron and via that are able to get them to respond with a valid reason then I am more than willing to apologise but as someone who previously worked for a technology importer and does have a good understanding of the issues I currently cannot see this.

I have been looking for years for my ideal smart lighting solution which would duh! be Lutron Caseta and so far no-one else has come close enough. As far as I am concerned yes this does make me picky but it also means no-one else has come up with an adequate solution for the UK/EU whereas a gazillion products many almost as good as Lutron Caseta exist for the North American market. I just before Covid-19 lockdown did establish contact with a European company which is working on a new product which still is not as good as Lutron Caseta but sounds close enough to be an acceptable second place choice - even at a much higher price. Price to many will be a deciding factor but with so few adequate options in the UK/EU and the fact we are used to being ripped off mainly by US companies that will not be a blocker to me. I had even accepted a willingness to replace my existing 2-core plus earth with new 3-core plus earth to provide a dedicated neutral. (Another reason Lutron Caseta was so perfect an option as it supports 2-core plus earth wiring.) The upshot of this is that Lutron likely will miss the boat and lose out on a big potential market, not just me.

If Lutron and other misguided Americans think we dumb schmucks in the olde worlde are not interested in smart lighting products I would counter with the humongous success Philips Hue has had and point out they have been successful not only in Europe but also the US and the rest of the world and are the leading smart light bulb brand globally, and by the way they are a Dutch company.

Lots of Chinese firms are producing smart lighting products for both the EU and the US. Why are US firms apparently incapable of doing the same especially as their products are typically made in Chinese factories? (The aforementioned Chinese products are not as good which is why I am not using them but they get closer each year.) Terncy seem better than Xiaomi/Aqara.

Perhaps it needs Google or Amazon to buy Lutron and give them the kick up the backside they apparently need. (Not my preferred solution, but it did result in the Eero WiFi product finally being made available in Europe.)

I don’t have any connection to Lutron other than as a customer.

The fact that they offer their professionally installed model lines and don’t offer their DIY lines Is a business decision on their part. There are lots of different things that could go into that reasoning, including just the fact that the UK is numerically a much smaller market. But again, it doesn’t mean they don’t respect the potential customer base. They just may not see enough profit in it.

I think you are quite right that Echo is opening up the market for many DIY home automation devices, and that may encourage them to reconsider their decision. :sunglasses:

I have 4 of those in 2 locations and they eat batteries like crazy, so I stopped using them altogether The Lutron casseta and pico remote is much better for the use case.

It’s also $13 as apposed to $60 so let’s see how it works out for me for a while. So far so good. I’ll keep my eye on battery life. Thanks.

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