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Oh - this looks amazing … now I need one for my furkids

Hi Michael,

Did anything ever come of a DHT for Play-Fi?


There’s an integration using domoticz as a MITM by @dudz40

any updates on this? I’m considering a bosch or Siemens dishwasher too… (wife’s choice in fact)… would love to integrate it…

I can confirm that they are. I have both a NR1602 and NR1607 (with an NR1609 on the way) and have had NO PROBLEMS controlling the Marantz with the HH.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform.

This thread is for people looking for devices that will integrate with that platform.

So are you saying that your device has a SmartThings integration? If so, how does it work?

Hi Jonsing, did you ever try the Needo radiators with SmartThings on the off chance they might work and not disconnect? I have some of these radiators and the supplied ‘myNeedo’ controller (which was poor, at best) has gone wrong so I’m looking for an alternative control mechanism before I buy a new crappy handset. Interested to hear what your solution was (if any!).

It may have been mentioned before but i would love to have neo smart blinds integration.

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Could we get a Withings (Nokia) integration for use with their Sleep System, Scales etc.
It’s been suggested a couple of times although since then, Withings have been bought out by Nokia, rebranded back as Withings and spat back out the other end, so i can see why nothing has been integrated since.
The Sleep System has a range of sensors (such as luminosity, sound, heart rate) as well as alarm and sleep routines, which would be great to access. The scales also have CO2, and temp sensors which would also be useful to access.

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I love the SmartThings hub. So flexible! Could you please consider integrating the Salus iT500 Thermostat? Details of the product can be found here:

Salus provide a web-site to control the Thermostat remotely as well as the Smartphone app, so I imagine that the integration would be easy for somebody familiar with the two APIs.

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When will Smartthings support the Meross range of TRVs?
i.e. Meross Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat MTS100

When will SmartThings support Somfy Huna bluetooth blinds?


With the new V3 app and cloud platform, it is now (2019) up to the device manufacturer to provide the integration. SmartThings has made it much easier for them, which is why you see so many new brands being added. :sunglasses:

So you should now make these requests to the manufacturer of the devices you are interested in. You can refer them to the following link.

Meross has already provided an integration for their pocketsockets, so you can just ask them when they plan to add the TRVs. :sunglasses:


When will SmartThings support Salus Thermostat?

SmartThings has published their full API so at this point it is up to each device manufacturer to create and support their own integration. So you should get in touch with the manufacturer of that device and suggest that they add the integration.