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Nuzzle pet collar. I just got mine today and I’m loving it so far. It has a Sim card installed and keeps track of my dogs location at all times, without a monthly cost. I’m thinking a life 360 type connection would be wonderful.


Is nobody looking at Hydrawise irrigation integration?

I agree with sgnihttrams that it is a great sprinkler controller. The company was taken over by Hunter, so a lot of momentum behind them! I have a 12 station unit with flow meter and use two valves for doing partial water replacements of my fish tanks. Overflow water go to garden beds as well. I’m not sure what functionality is available through the Hydrawise API but I could force some manual watering if very hot. My Netatmo is connected through Weather Underground and ST, so a lot of information. If anyone wants to start on a smart app, I am a willing tester!


@ddemoss - Daniel, did you make any progress with the integration of the beddit 3? I’m looking for an integration solution for it also.

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything on this. I’m somewhat techie, but not a programmer, so I haven’t tried anything myself.

I live with a quadrepelegic and I’m getting started in outfitting our house to make things easier for him. Independance for him is a big priority. With my research i have figured out how to do most eveything we need using alexa, smartthings and harmony. One thing i havent seen is an automatic door opener/closer. Although, i have figured a way to “hack” one to be able to integrate it woth ST it woukd be nice to have one that comunicates with ST directly through zigbee or zwave.

There aren’t any that I know of that communicate directly with SmartThingsout of the box. (I am a quad myself, so I’m pretty familiar with most of the issues.)

There are a couple of different options, although it does depend on whether you live in the US or the UK.

You could look at the quick browse list in the community – created wiki in the project report section and there is a list for accessibility projects which might have some reports you’d find interesting:

If you do you want to try to integrate something directly, autoslide is a pretty popular option that is available in both the US and the UK. You will need to add sensors and relays, but it can be done. See the following thread for some discussion:

Another option which I use in my own home, although not specifically for a door mechanism, is the Naran Push Microbot. This is a tiny robot finger that you attach to any existing button mechanism and then you can have it push the button. It has its own IFTTT channel so it integrates quite nicely with both SmartThings and voice control units like Amazon echo or Google home. I use this for example on a blender where the button is too difficult for me to press. So it would be easy to add this to anything which has a pushbutton remote, including, for example, the Skylink door openers which are a very popular and inexpensive option.

You can put the microbot on a holder that you slide the regular remote into so that way you can still use the remote without the microbot if you want. So it leaves the original door opener completely unchanged, it just let you add an automated button push when you like.

It’s a bit expensive ($49 for the microbot and another $89 for their bridge, which is what you need for the integrations (one Bridge for 40 Microbots), but it does solve a lot of problems which are difficult to solve otherwise, and it doesn’t require any wiring.

So those are two different approaches, either of which can work. You can start your own topic under projects if you would like to get more detailed individualized discussion of what you are trying to accomplish. :sunglasses:

And of course feel free to join in on any of the existing threads that are of interest to you.

I will have to dig a little deeper into that tomorrow. I am in the US btw. My plan was to get a skylink opener off amazon for a little over $200 and add a z-wave switch into the button. We have a lot of people in and out of the house thkugh, so regular use of the door is prefered when the opener is not needed. You gave me plenty if things to check out though. Thank you.

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Right, I have two housemates, we all have friends and family, plus my health aides, so lots of people coming through. The one thing to be aware of is that all of the automatic door openers are very slow, basically garage door speed, for safety reasons. So the able-bodied people do have to be patient.

As far as hacking an existing remote, that can be ok as long as you’re just working it like a momentary button press to the existing remote. You just don’t want to override any of the existing safety features by providing continuous current instead of momentary. And of course it might void your warranty so you have to look into those details as well.

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+1 for this idea.

I have had my twist bulbs for a couple of months now and really want to integrate them. Has anyone else actually got a set? I asked for my money back after close to 2 years, was told they were going to ship any day, and then magically 3 weeks later I had them

I’ve got mine, but I haven’t had a chance to attempt integrating them yet. I’ll post if I find anything interesting.

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Netatmo Thermostats would be great!!

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I just bought this and it would be awesome in smartthings, However it uses Bluetooth and the radio would need to be turned on.

Have there been any other apps or integrations built to connect to Bluesound? Would love to even use it as a connected sound device (alerts, audio triggers) if complete control isn’t possible yet.

Oh - this looks amazing … now I need one for my furkids

Hi Michael,

Did anything ever come of a DHT for Play-Fi?


There’s an integration using domoticz as a MITM by @dudz40

any updates on this? I’m considering a bosch or Siemens dishwasher too… (wife’s choice in fact)… would love to integrate it…

I can confirm that they are. I have both a NR1602 and NR1607 (with an NR1609 on the way) and have had NO PROBLEMS controlling the Marantz with the HH.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform.

This thread is for people looking for devices that will integrate with that platform.

So are you saying that your device has a SmartThings integration? If so, how does it work?