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+1 for this. I realize you can build your own, but an “out of the box” solution would be great.

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I got a suggestion. I have Keen vents in all my rooms and have to have a thermometer in each room that needs to be polled frequently to get temp changes to adjust the vents. I also have GE ZWave switches in my rooms for the lights so I need motion as well.

wouldnt it be cool to find a light switch like the GE but with a built in Temp and motion sensor. No more need for batteries and no worries about battery drain from polling for updates.

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They actually announced a new switch and dimmer with built in motion detector but I haven’t seen anything about a release date. I also haven’t heard anything about it handling temperatures or not.

From their CES press release:

Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Switch / Dimmer

The GE branded Smart Motion Switch with Z-Wave Plus technology incorporates intelligent light and motion sensing technology to detect any movement in a room up to 35+ feet away. With a sensor field up to 180 degrees, the motion sensor can be set for occupancy or vacancy modes and features adjustable sensitivity levels to reduce false triggers caused by pets. With a Z-Wave enabled hub, schedule groups or scenes of lights to automatically turn on and off without ever pressing a button or remotely control lights from a smart device.


Oh my. Yes! This is exactly what we need!
Any place where we can consolidate like this (as long as it’s done well) is a good idea. :slight_smile:


man if only that had temp

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@reward72 @robertgreen1 @mdawson

Basic support for IP-controllable Denon and Marantz Receivers

Check out the Denon/Marantz device type @Kristopher put together:

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Another idea… Motion sensors are nice for triggering events but I have found say I have one to turn on a light when i enter a room and have it set to turn off when I leave. If I am doing something where I dont move much the light will turn off.

thermal sensors would fix this. It would detect your body temperature and would keep the light or activity going as long as you were in the room.

Something like this:

The down side to these devices is that if you use them in a location that has a heat source other than a human being, i.e. a garage, they keep the lights on even if you leave the room. I have this device controlling 15 can lights in my 28’ x 26’ garage.

They do have sensitivity adjustments, but at some point you loose the ability to detect a human.

Now, if this were a Z-Wave compatible device and proximity devices were dependable… well, that would be a different story!

How about more universally available things and cameras? Especially for Canadians, go into any Best Buy or similar and next to nothing on the shelf works with Smartthings, unless you include Nest (which is still a damn hack)

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Any chance that we will get Smartthings device and smart app support for the Lennox iComfort WiFi thermostat? I know others have mentioned it before but don’t recall seeing any updates.


I would love to have a zwave device that sends my garage door a open / close signal, much like my garage door remote openers do, rather than having to wire it to the existing garage door.

Perhaps something that sends the open close signal to the receiver on the garage door motor, that would be identical to the one that is sent by the little remote I keep in my car.

A plug into the wall style of zwave open/close sensor would be great for the garage doors, as batteries die quickly in the freezing vermont winter conditions.

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Power Loss Sensor

I have a GFCI outlet that I’d like to have monitored. When it trips off I’d like to know it. I found a suggestion in here to use the smartthings motion sensor powered by usb and when it changes power state to battery backup that is your trigger… But, unfortunately, that was only the old/original model of motion sensor. The new ones don’t seem to have a USB port. I thought that the Aeon MultiSensor would do it - it has a USB port but you can’t plug in a cable to power it AND have the batteries in place - so that option is out. It seems Aeon Siren has a built-in battery backup but I don’t see any events notifying you of a power source change - it seems it is a pretty locked down device.

I guess I never imagined that this would be so hard to find. Any ideas?

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mount a door close sensor by the outlet. they have an actuator that is sensitive when the GFI trips it is a hard trip that will set off the motion sensor in the door closer.

So just the sensor part, not the magnet (other half)? It would normally be open but when the circuit pops it would send out a pulse and momentarily close the door? Or are you thinking some sort of vibration detection (I think I’ve seen something like that with the door knocker smartapp)?

I never would have thought of this style of approach - thanks a lot!

Isn’t it “GFCI”? “GFI” is, perhaps, a regional term? Or maybe “GFCI” is? Just curious.

jsut the sensor it as an accelerometer in it. If you have a SmartSense one on a door look in its Device handler screen and you will notice some numbers to the right. move the door and it will change very sensitive. Mine changes with a slight breeze from the HVAC when it kicks in. You can use that change when the GFI trips to send you a message

I must have a different one. When it installed it used the SmartSense Open/Close sensor device type. I tried changing the device type to the other choices (to see if it was the wrong handler) but that didn’t add any extra data, unfortunately. I think it must be a different/older model.
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: CentraLite
model: 3300-S
Raw Description 01 0104 0402 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0402 0500 0020 0B05 01 0019
Current States
temperature: 67
battery: 66
contact: closed

This is solved with a linear garage door control unit + a linear auxiliary switch.

model: 3321-S is the one called the Multipurpose Sensor and it seems to have the extra abilities you were referring to - went on a Best Buy run. However, it doesn’t seem very sensitive to me. If I have it sitting on a surface (glass coffee table or laptop area by keyboard I can pound on the surface fairly hard without having it notice anything. Also, it seems extremely slow/unreliable to report the magnet moving in and out of position.

I swear it wasn’t showing up on live logging even though I could see the status changing in the app, too… Perhaps there is some system level issues delaying response - I’ll try again later.

This is one of those “theory and practice” situations.

In theory, a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is like a circuit breaker for the entire circuit, and tripping it would protect other devices along the same circuit. While again, in theory, the GFI (ground fault interrupter) would only cut the power to the one device that was plugged into that receptacle.

In practice, though, most electricians will tell you the two terms mean the same thing, and you can find a device which is clearly a GFCI device labeled GFI by the manufacturer. (Although not usually the other way around.)

I believe current NEC code just uses GFCI. But you do see a lot of state laws and local housing codes written “GFCI/GFI.” Which is probably why so many electrician’s references say they’re the same thing.

They’re not, quite, but both serve the same purpose – – to keep a person from being electrocuted. :sunglasses:

Thanks!! It did seem odd. I could only find GFCI outlets at places like Home Depot, etc.

Thanks for the background!