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These will likely be coming in 2016 because many of the HomeKit receptacles are going to be of this type. Right now though, I don’t think there are any that are compatible with SmartThings.

Jasco just certified a new zwave plug-in that includes a USB port, but it’s not even available for sale yet. But they’re definitely coming.

Jasco also just certified three or four new plug-ins for the same line that have 2 z wave controllable outlets in each unit pinstead of 1 zwave outlet and one nonnetworked passthrough. This is another feature that people have wanted for years. Zwave plus makes possible somewhat smaller chips which is helping with this, but there’s no question HomeKit design is also driving it.

Again, not for sale yet, but this is probably the GE line, they should be coming soon.

Hi, any smoke detectors (ideally fibaro) compatible with smartthings?

Yes, First Alert has a smoke device and a smoke/CO device I’ve purchased from Lowe’s. There are also ones from Monopolize.

In the US, the first alert zwave zcombo is, I believe, on the official compatibility list and is quite popular. There is also at least one other brand which is unofficially used.

At the present time, I don’t think there are any smoke sensors working with SmartThings for the UK. ST staff has said that the Fibaro smoke sensor (which is not available in the US) is in the compatibility lab now for UK testing but no timeline has been given.

I would like to make the SmartThings app the root to all apps in my infrastructure.
I would like to be able to leave notes to other family members on the front page of the app, and create sections to hold other valuable information similar to a house concentric wiki.
Here I could store important things such as Important Contacts (Security Company, Local Police, Insurance) etc.
Important information such as logins and ip addresses etc.
House address, contact book.
And where necessary have buttons within the app which link to other apps or sites.

If you have the LightwaveRF hub a cloud based integration is available.
A local integration hub to device won’t be possible as the smartthings hub doesn’t support the 433mhz spectrum.

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Hi I have some Needo electric radiators that I believe use a Zigbee controller, would i be able to use the smartthings hub to control these instead?


There are several different Zigbee profiles in use. If the device uses the “zigbee home automation 1.2” profile (ZHA 1.2), that’s the same one SmartThings uses, and at least there’s a place to start for integration.

If it uses “zigbee pro” or “zigbee green power” or if the manufacturer has added their own custom communication layers, it’s unlikely to be usable with SmartThings.

So a good first step is usually to check with the device manufacturer and find out what specific zigbee profile they are using.

Hi JDR, thanks for the reply from what I can find it is Zigbee Pro so sounds like a no go

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Will this work with Smart Things?

This works fine when connected to ST via the Hue Bridge (1.0 as well as 2.0).

Thanks Ron - i dont know if you know if thats true for the UK too?

I would think so. At least I am not aware of any differences as far as Hue Integration is concerned. I may be wrong though. :wink:

HydraWise Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller

I have this (used a gen1 first, and then gave that to my folks when I bought a gen2 unit). It’s amazing (monitors NWS forcasts, and local rain gauges in my neighborhood, and could monitor mine if I had one of my own), and helped me save a lot on watering the lawn.

It’s not a really big deal, but it would be cool if it were integrated.
I can imagine a number of things I’d like to do with it if it were.

from their site…
With our REST-based API you can run zones, add configuration or do anything that you can do through our apps. Contact us to get a copy of our API.


I have a GD00Z-2 Linear garage door controller, I would like to use with the Smarthings setup. The site shows that the GD00Z-4 is compatible but does not list the GD00Z-2 that I have.

Is it possible to get the pulse version I have (GD00Z-2) to work?

Wouldn’t it be wise se to get a voting page up? Some of these things might only apply to a few people and I would imagine that smartthings would want to focus on the items with the most impact first.


Fix sonos

Add dlna support

Foscam support

Nest cam support

IAqualink Pool control

Then as people come in they vote, once a device or integration is completed that is taken off the list and that vote is given back to remake. Over time certain devices may become more popular and move up as primary features are added. It would also prove over time a great tool to show how much smartthings has evolved.


It should work with the same device type there weren’t any Zwave command set changes that I know of, I would just try adding it as a GD0004 and see what happens. You can contact support for help.

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Perhaps this could be done via the ‘Like’ button…or…perhaps that is in fact how it works now…


The Aeon Labs Doorbell is finally in stock at some retailers. Verified to work with Vera and Homeseer. It would be great if this had an official device type.

@Tyler are you looking at this yet?


@Tyler @duncan help us guys! This can be one fully supported doorbell in ST land and so close to the aeotec siren already supported…