Struggling with my first automation


For now, all rules/automation questions go in the category under “smart app ideas“ which is legacy language from a couple of years ago, but the mods haven’t quite decided what it should be called now. It’s especially complicated because the two different apps have different rules engines.

Since you have a technical background, you should definitely look into webcore, which is essentially a scripting language for SmartThings. You can do pretty much anything you can imagine with that, including stacked conditionals: it’s very powerful. :sunglasses:

Before we can answer your specific question, we need to know which of the two apps you are using: “smart things classic” or “smartthings (Samsung connect)”. They have different functionality.

Meanwhile, you might also find following two FAQs of interest

And here’s the welcome letter for people with a technical background. It’s in the community – created wiki:

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