Stopping the constant activity feed notifications

I am using my energy meter purely to tell me when my washing machine is finished.

The notification activity feed is being flooded every couple of seconds, making it very difficult to look at the data that is important to me.

I was wondering if there is a single piece of common code that can be altered to stop my energy data from showing in the activity feed, but the data still being made available to other apps?

You can create your own device handler/type that does that. What energy meter are you using?

It is the home energy meter from the Smartthings device type template. I have created the device type from the template, but was wondering which lines of code can be edited to stop the data from showing in the activity feed!

The energy meter data is coming from my qubino relay, the ST home energy meter device type works great, except the constant activity feed updates!

I tried your code on your GitHub. It stops the notification activity feeds. And shows me the wattage but I have a problem where I have phantom spiking of 1000 watts maybe once a minute, with nothing connected to the relay

Glad you found my code and it’s working for you, that’s where I was taking the discussion :wink:

As for the 1000w spike, that’s kind of concerning because that’s like a microwave starting/stopping. It may not be easy or convenient, but what happens if you disconnect power to the relay? Since the HEM will pick up anything, are you sure it’s the relay and not an electric water heater cycling on/off?

I’m away from home until Saturday. So I am limited with what I can do to diagnose any problems.

I have just tried about 5 other device handlers, and I do not get the spike!

The strange thing with your device handler, is that it correctly fluctuates under 0.5 then jumps up to 1000 watts pricisely!

I can investigate more at the weekend. Otherwise this device handler is what I am looking for!

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated.