Stitch monoprice siren

looking for a device handler/smartapp to get my monoprice stitch siren added to ST. it works with alexa, but cant get it to act as a door chime with ST home monitor

heres a link

That’s a wifi device that will not work with SmartThings


The stitch line are Wi-Fi devices and do not work directly with smartthings at this time. You should contact Monoprice and let them know that you would like to see that integration added as integrations are now the responsibility of the device manufacturers.

Meanwhile, you may be able to use Alexa routines as a “ Man in the middle“ partial integration.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?


i was fearful of this. I like it because it has a strobe along with the siren. thank you

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checking it out now, thank you

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Zooz and Dome have sirens like that. There are also a couple Zigbee sirens that do the same. I use HEIMAN sirens since they plug in and have battery backup.

I’ve used both the Zooz and Dome sirens, and they work with ST’s default handler, but work much better with a community developed handler that allows you to use all the bells and chimes capabilities. They are loud too.


There are some Z wave sirens that do work with smartthings and also have a strobe, but they will probably cost more than the stitch line.