Stable reliable HD Video camera that works well with ST


(Javid Alimohideen) #1

I am looking for recommendations on both indoor and outdoor HD video cameras that work well with ST which has the capability to record video for longer periods of time (e.g., 5-6 hours) and stream live video.
From what I have researched Arlo sounds like a good option, but it appears it may not be able to record videos for longer duration.
Nest is a good option as well, but there is no official ST support.

What other options are out there?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

(David Hamilton) #2

ST itself will not record long periods with its compatible Cameras. I use the Samsung approved unit inside, there are a few ways around this. You can stream live video form ST or the Samsung app. I find ST is a bit slow at loading live video. I use ST for the alert notifications and short alert videos. I have a backup storage disk for longer recorded storage that I access threw the Samsung app. As a final option , I have some software called Blue Iris that runs on my server. This runs continues recording since I have more space. iI can trigger recording from ST movement alerts as well. It also allows me to stream live video to third party apps such as SmartTiles. I dont really feel there is any good well rounded solution w/ ST. They seem to me lacking in the flexibility and integration of Cameras. Good Luck.

(Javid Alimohideen) #3

Thanks @logeox. Does Samsung camera support storing to external local drive? Does it need to be connected through USB or can work with a Network storage device?

(Jimmy) #4

You need to look into something like Blue Iris and cameras compatible with it. There are some integrations between BI and ST.

(David Hamilton) #5

Only SD card. Blue Iris will support network storage.