ROCK SOLID PERFORMANCE: 2 weeks and counting

A lot of us do not wait a second to complain when things are bad … I guess that’s human tendency. But to be fair, I think we have to give credit to ST and appreciate the efforts that were put in to make the platform as stable as it is now. I’ve had 2 weeks of rock solid performance from ST. Not a single issue!. Everything works 100% . I am now in a smaller apartment until my new home gets built, but I still have most of my devices installed here. Just a fewer number of lights, but all other sensors, smart bulbs, thermostat, garage opener, locks… etc is here.

I’ve got over 23 customers of mine for who I’ve done installs, and they have reported similar performance . So atleast in Texas, things are solid and I hope it will only get better from here. I strongly feel we have gone through the low and are beginning to take a ride in the upward direction. [Fingers Crossed]

As ST indicated there is a lot more to be done and I hope that the work currently being done is to make further improvements and more importantly to avoid issues in future.


I just hope that this does not jinx things up… :cold_sweat:



Boston, MA reporting in – I’ve similarly had reliable experiences lately. The only exception was about 20 minutes ago when some custom apps stopped working, but that was because Comcast was having an outage and custom apps run in the cloud. Looking forward to continued improvements! Oh, and I’m still loving the recent app redesign! +1 for efficient use of space!


I am waiting to finally move into my new house. In the meantime, I’m back to old school switch flipping and it sucks.
Before I removed everything from ST, after the March madness, I had a good 3 to 4 weeks of solid performance.
You may want to check @SBDOBRESCU thread on his performance tracking. Very similar to what you did months ago.


I can definitely say that things have turned around, a lot!

Fit the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing very little maintenance.

I’m back to installing new ideas and tweaking performance factors up.

I’m loving my system right now!


I will also chime in and say that performance has improved. The only really problems I’ve had in the past couple of weeks has been Mobile presence issues, but what else is new?!

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My system has been pretty good except for one weird thing that’s happening. I have a simple on/off rule for an Aeon smart energy switch that is set to turn ON at 5:31 am and OFF at 10:59 pm. The last two Tuesdays, it has “fiorgotten” the morning ON scheduled event. Neither the activity feed nor live logging show any attempt to fire or execute. Looking in the IDE shows past and future events, but the Tuesday morning event is unaccounted for. Support and engineering have no idea what is happening (at least not that they have shared with me). Here’s the most recent example (notice the missing entry for 5:31 on 5-03):

“Good things come to those who wait”!

Totally agree, a BIG thanks!

Did someone invite me to jinx my system??? OK. Invitation accepted!!

BIG, BIG THUMBS UP :+1: for the hub’s local processing. I mean hats off to ST engineers. In the past maybe four months I had NO issues with lights turning on and off with motion. There have been a few hours here and there when I was hit with increased latency but nothing major or long lasting. Great work!!! As for cloud and scheduler improvements, well is too early to call it out, but I would say things look promising once again!

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Are those your customers? Man, you trained the well…


I would love to make them my customers!

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My performance is much improved. I would NOT use the words ROCK SOLID, but much improved. Hopefully it stays this way and keeps improving.

What is failing for you? May be its just the way things are configured or the way your devices are set up?

Just minor ST things. Nothing is 100%. Still much improved.

What would that be? Schedule? Fails on devices? No response? Delays? Just trying to understand :slight_smile:

Zigbee issues (failures/hangs). Ticker is better (much better), but not perfect. It should not miss schedules - it should run them, not just catch the failures. Lags/delays - inconsistent.

EDIT: Bulb temp issues.

I’m not looking for a solution from you. I just would not characterize it as rock solid. As I said, much improved.



I know everyone means well, but this sentiment gets old for those have issues they have no control over. Simple example- smart lighting rule that should turn off a bedroom fan at 830 randomly turns off fan at 450am. I am not at a disadvantage technically, however I am at a disadvantage from an ability to dedicate time to troubleshoot resolve. My config is correct it should work. Can I rebuild all my SL rules and resolve… probably… and if I did I would probably perceive OMGS GUIZ… 2 weeks of solid performance as well. But unless I dedicate time to maintain things that inexplicably break I am not there yet.

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Last 3-4 days I have seen actions happen that haven’t happened in 4 or so weeks. So I am hopeful something positive changed.


I have a very simple RM rule that turns on 3 lights 30 mins before Sunset. It has worked every night since Christmas except for once about 2 weeks ago and then tonight, it just bombs out after way too long in execution. Tonight it was 104 seconds.

Over the past 3 days, I had 2 windows suddenly show as open, 1 closed just a few mins later and 1 like 5 hours later, nobody was home and no entries into the house, both were false alarms

Other than that, everything else seems to be pretty good