ST equivalent of the X10 Universal Module?

I’m slowly converting everything in my house from X10 to ST-compatible devices. The last holdout is the X10 UM506 Universal Module that I’ve been using for years to turn my fireplace on and off:

It receives an X10 signal over the power lines, and a relay closes a dry contact switch. It can also be operated manually with on/off buttons on the top. It is supremely handy, and relatively cheap.

So I’m asking the experts in this forum - have you ever seen an equivalent? I’ve seen all the various z-wave relays, but they cost twice as much and don’t have buttons on them for manual operation.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance…

Thanks @anon36505037! Yes, the power to the gas valve is a separate switch from the igniter. So they both have to be on for it to light. No worries.

I will look at the Fibaro unit. Thanks!