Heat n Glo Fireplace Automation, Need Help

Hello, I have read all I can read on using the ZFM-80 to automate my gas fireplace, however I am still a bit stuck. My fireplace has a wall switch that his 18 gauge wire to it which simply opens and closes the circuit to turn the fireplace on and off, there is no 110 in this wall switch. I used to have this fireplace automated using X-10 and a universal module that I simply plugged into an outlet that is by the fan plug in and it worked flawlessly for 15 years. So I know I need to put power to the ZFM-80, maybe using a lamp cord for the power to the zfm-80, what I don’t understand is the zfm-80 has the following on the back for hookups, Line,Neutral (I assume this is where I would wire my lamp cord up to), then there is two screws for a “relay Load”, and then two more next to that for which looks like just a switch setup, I am hoping this is where I would tap into the wires that I used with my x-10 module ? I am just looking to piggyback off that 18 gauge wire that goes to the wall switch for control. I would appreciate any insight, I do ok when I get some help and this forum is the best

This gets asked every couple months. Here’s the most recent thread about it: Switch operated fireplace -- Best option and price for a dry contact relay whether z-wave or zigbee

In general you will probably parallel the switch wires with the relay so you still have local control.

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