[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

yes, it might … though interestingly it had been working reliably for quite some time!

Is it possible to get more functionality for the cameras? Like include motion sensor, an on/off switch, etc. so I don’t need multiple devices(one to turn on the cameras via ifttt and another to detect motion).

@TAustin thanks again for the c02 meter. I use tasker to update the co2 levels from my Netatmo weather station. But the setco2level doesnt sync with the concentration level. Can you fix this?
I’ve added a screenshot with a example.

Just looking at commonality and differences for virtual devices that seem to work and those that are not. The ones that seem to be reliable are the doorbell and the lock, both of which are single purpose devices and don’t rely on a switch to activate the state change. Seems like all variations of the switch/sensor combo exhibit the lack of reliability.

I noticed this past week or so my virtual Alexa switches are intermittently triggering my Alexa routines. (They had been working fine.) What’s interesting is that I’m seeing the issue with my virtual switch created with Edge and my old groovy virtual devices. I thought this was just a groovy death phase until I saw the issue with my edge virtual switch too.

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I’m really struggling with Amazon to get them to understand the issue. If you can also open a ticket that might help… Assuming it is even their issue. What’s strange is that it seems to be only virtual contact sensors or similar that are impacted, so in theory it could also be a Smartthings output issue. Smartthings by the way is no longer replying to my open ticket with them, after more than a week. Sigh.

This is a problem caused by a recent platform change that requires units to be included in ALL device value updates. I’m going through all virtual devices now to be sure there aren’t others affected by this problem. Easy fix, though, which should get pushed out shortly.

Thanks for reporting this!


@TAustin with regard to the units value item fix that you posted about… is that with regard to the intermittent Alexa triggering or something else?

No, it’s WRT the CO2 level issue in the virtual CO2 meter.

I’m just wondering, given the scope of the Alexa/smartthings issue and the fact it extends to all virtual contacts/presence etc. (not just TAustin), should this thread be split into its own thread?

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No thank you for making this for the community.

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Do you think this situation is the same problem for Google Home? I write about this problem in this topic. (Sorry for my English, I hope you can understand me :hugs:)

That’s up to @taustin since it’s his thread. If he wants the discussion of the intermittent alexa routine trigger failures broken out, we can do that. :sunglasses:

Any update on the Alexa integration issue? Alexa’s support is useless. Is smartthings aware of this problem?

Probably not since smartthings support is also useless. I opened a ticket with smartthings support. They then opened a second ticket to find the first one because they couldn"t access it. Not joking. @nayelyz are you able to help us connect the dots and bring to the attention of someone who can fix this? There is an emerging issue here for sure. TY

Also looks like reddit is reporting the exact same issue. Sadly I’m not convinced smartthings or Amazon are acutely aware.


I’ve pushed out a driver update to fix the issue you were seeing with the CO device. Version: 2023-05-09T18:34:57.762082937.


I have an Alexa routine which is triggered by a vEdge Guard switch contact sensor I created in ST but lately the Guard Home routine I created in Alexa which is triggered when the vEdge Guard switch closes has quit working. Could this issue possibly be the cause? Thanks

Hi, @sdbg (and everyone else facing this issue)

Can you confirm if this happens with only custom integrations? Meaning devices connected/created through a Community-developed Edge driver.

@TAustin, you started seeing errors from events because they weren’t sending the unit, right? After that change are you still facing the issue?

Yes it appears to be custom virtual contact sensors where Alexa routines are not triggering from open and close events consistantly. I have not found that physical devices are also seeing the same issue.