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I just posted 3 ceiling fan modules that are compatible with this project. Local fan control :+1:

Hi, @hongtat do you think you could make an update to the edge driver to support the gosund 3way to use this command as the light switch toggle?


and was what I shared for the power status helpful? for this above?

/cm?cmnd=status 0

Congratulations on a very good controller, great work. However, I have a problem, it doesn’t detect the temperature sensor :frowning: I bought the full version.

Hi, @hongtat, can you please confirm the following,

I currently have Tasmota installed with a license key.

If I remove the Tasmota driver (including all devices) and then re-install the driver on the same Hub, will the Hub-ID remain the same as the previous installation and therefore I can re-apply my original product license key in the settings ?

As long as you don’t reset the Hub, you can apply the same license key.
How come you need to remove the Tasmota driver (+ all devices) ?

Thanks for the confirmation, I am troubleshooting a performance related problem on my primary hub, I have been receiving Tasmota Gateway resets in the log, as frequent as every 27 mins, I am in the process of paring down my custom drivers & device count to free up memory, the smartthings advanced app shows I have reached the softlimit on both memory & devices, I have moved the tasmota devices to a second hub and installed the driver & purchased a new license, I have no performance issues or tasmota gwy resets on the second hub. Thanks for asking.

I have a TH and the temperature doesn’t seem to be reporting in ST. The power switch on the TH can be controlled fine, but no temp (using a ds18b20 temp probe). I’ve tried restarting the hub and TH unit, but no success. Any other recommendations to try? Thanks

Is that a sonoff TH?
If isn’t, please add as a switch and enable “sensor discovery” under Tasmota Edge device. It will add a new temperature sensor shortly.

Thanks for the reply, yes it’s the Sonoff TH. Do I need to delete the device and re-add with the sensor discovery turned on? I have 5 free devices and afraid I won’t be able to add again if I delete because of the device limit.