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I found this: ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 8 Channel Relay Board (ESP12F_Relay_X8_v1.1) Configuration for Tasmota

Thanks for your assistance Tyler, that helps a lot. I will try and flash the new boards.

Anybody set up a 3 way switch? I feel like the right rule could make it work. I just haven’t wrapped my head around it

You can use either Tasmota rules ( example ) or ST automations.

Is there a way to get rid of the “Signal Strength” logged in history? I only want to see what devices got triggered.

What I have is an SS02 3-way switch. I had to solve this issue before with Groovy drivers and may have worked with you on it but it’s not so simple now. There are 2 toggles for the dashboard for this switch. Toggle 2 (Power2) is the relay that switches the power. Toggle 1 (Power 1) tracks the power state but does not switch the circuit. In groovy, I had the device handler trigger an event (on or off) and used rules to change ledstate and toggle Power2. I’m not sure what to do with the current driver to make it work

It’s under the device’s settings -

Thanks again Tyler. There were no problems flashing the ESP12F. It works great!

No problem. Glad I didn’t help you brick it! :sweat_smile:

Am I making sense here? The edge driver sends a Power1 On/Off to the SS02. This doesn’t switch the circuit. Power2 toggles the circuit power but Power1 indicates whether the circuit is on or off. I can’t figure a way to flip the circuit using a Power1 coming from Smartthings.

You’d have to adjust the rules. I’m not sure how your manual switch works in the circuit and to the ss02 switch.

That caused an infinite loop of turning the light on and off when I flipped the other manual switch for the circuit.

Power1 and Power2 don’t stay in mirror. Example:

Light: Off
Power1: Off
Power2: Off

flip manual switch

Light: On
Power1: On
Power2: Off

press SS02 switch

Light: Off
Power1: Off
Power2: On

Thanks Tyler. Also, now this Konnected Alarm Board has Tasmota firmware installed, should the “Alarm/Siren” GPIO be set as a Relay or Switch? Also, am I correct in Smartthings, the Tasmota Edge device will be a sensor with the siren template?

I think you set it to relay. I’m trying to remember how the ST side of the driver setup flowed… i think i used a “switch” device for my relays and “contact/motion sensor” for my open/close sensors.

This setup worked:

  • the Tasmota flashed Konnected board has the Alarm output set as Relay
  • the device in Smartthings is set as a switch (on/off)
  • Smart home monitor activates the Siren using the “Turn on Lights” option for switches in “Set response”

Not sure if there is a better way?

You could try setting up a virtual alarm device using this edge driver. [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Then use the Smart lighting SmartApp to synchronize it with your Konnected Switch device.

Then use the Alarm virtual device in the Home Monitor responses.

@hongtat How difficult would it be to get a driver specifically for 3 way switches like Moe’s or the SS02 that sends an “Event On/Off” instead of a “Power On/Off”? Even better would be if that driver applied the necessary rule to change the LED and toggle Power2.


Is it possible to create a HTTP switch or button to set the pulsetime of a relay ?

Is there a console command to view the pulsetime which is currently set ?


I found that:
a) PulseTime returns the current setting for all relays
b) The HTTP Switch can be configured to post the PulseTime duration required

This works great for having a switch to set the duration of the siren output for testing.