[ST Edge] Smartthings Alarm.com Integration

@schwark which repo should we be pulling the proxy from?

I see numerous alarm.com logins throughout the day with this new proxy/driver. I’m assuming this is expected and necessary? The login rate isn’t anything wild but is a lot more than with the old integration. It’s probably fine, it’s low enough that I can’t imagine it raising any red flags at alarm.com

either - but the installation with stproxy is a lot easier and is recommended - eventually I will sunset the other one.

That is because it is polling for status to update the state for offline arming/disarming. I could make that a setting to disable that.

Curious what you mean by “offline arming”. Do you mean the proxy offline? iOS app offline (no internet)?

Sorry, I don’t fully understand the data flow for the integration (between the driver, smartthings IOS app, Smartthings “cloud” services, stproxy, and smartthings hub)

Offline = when you arm/disarm from the panel on your wall, or the alarm.com app (or any other way outside of doing from SmartThings app)

I tried uninstalling/unenrolling & re-adding everything using the original method (method 3/non docker) on mac… I tried rebooting hub (this used to fix all my issues), but I can quickly find the device in ST app, then I add my user/pass to the panel device…. But I never get it to connect. All I see is the cloud\icon:

Adrian, as I mentioned in the post above, I would use method 1 as I am not testing the other configs regularly as this is the easiest one as well. I will be deprecating the rest as I will not be able to maintain all three (though I believe they should all work).

Also, did you try doing a refresh? Swipe down on the detail page when you see those cloud icons…

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Yes. I tried that.

So to use method 1, I’ve so far rebooted mac, tried running the stop command for method 3 (just to make sure it’s stopped), rebooted Mac again…

Following the new steps for method 1…
Got both files json & stproxy-macos-arm64, put them in a folder titled STproxy.

Open terminal, but I am stuck here… do I have to use the CD command to point to that folder before typing the install commands?
I Keep getting ‘command not found’

open terminal, cd to the folder where you saved the file…

then type the commands

chmod +x ./stproxy-macos-arm64    
./stproxy-macos-arm64 -d /path/to/config.json
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where it says path I put the full path, do I then add the “/to/config.json” part as well?

ok, I did that & it worked! Hope this helps others who read this. Do I need to keep that terminal window open? it keeps adding lines as it does its thing.

if you run on a Mac terminal window, yes - if you close the window, it kills that process.

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upon reboot, I open terminal & use CD to point to the path, then type in:
sudo systemctl enable stproxy

will macos support the “auto start on reboot” thing mentioned in step 5?

no, that will not work on a Mac… only on a raspberry pi or the like.

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i’ll switch to PI eventually for sure, but for the time being on MacOS, if I reboot how do I restart the server with this method? by using the install command that you helped me with?

same way you did it the first time.

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Gotcha! So just point at the folder & type the above command to run the exec again.

Would this also require to delete & re-add device to ST app? (Refresh) Or should it just continue to work as per usual? (Once server is back)

Thx again :grin:

no you should just need to restart the proxy… nothing needs to be done in the app.

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@schwark couple new questions…

I was trying to update my proxy using the new GitHub - schwark/stproxy: SmartThings Edge Proxy repo. uname -m gives me i686. This is a Synology DS214play which should have an Intel Atom running on GNU/linux. All to say, I’m not sure which to download as they all seem to be one I can’t use: amd, arm, or 64 bit

Also, my integration has been working (I can arm/disarm using the device in ST). Today however I tried using the new device in an automation for the first time. I’m getting a “server error” attempting to create an automation that sets the “security mode” to Armed (away or stay) - see screenshot, it happens when clicking “done”. Nothing in stproxy logs when I do this.
I can create an automation that uses “security mode” to disarm, just not away/stay. Should this be working? I’m trying to set an automation that sets it to arm-away when no one is home. Thanks

386 is what you should use for i686… On the other error, let me try on my end and see what may be happening…