[ST EDGE] Sinope Propane Tank Level Sensor LM4110-ZB


A quick and dirty implementation for the Sinope LM4110-ZB Tank sensor.

It will also send a json to a webhook for linking to nodered.

The sensor only sends an angle so the driver is responsible to convert that into a %.

The calibration for this is done in the settings by selecting two points e…g (Empty(low) and Full (high), reading the angle off the screen and setting the full percentage in the settings. The default is for a vertical tanks with a 20-80 sensor, other tanks may have different angles for those values.

The volume measurement is standardized to 15C using outside temperature and multiplying the percentage against the tank size (also in the settings)

Feel free to take it and make it your own. I’ve taken it as far as I need to for my purposes.

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Easier to borrow if I share the source…

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