[ST Edge] Package external dependencies

I have a few different projects that use the same local helper libraries. I currently copy them, but can change my LUA_PATH instead to build fine locally. When we packages the driver, is there any way to make it bundle extra paths to support code that is not in the same src directory? Is the package command doing anything more the zipping the driver files if we choose the --build-only option?

@nayelyz / @andresg I believe I was able to get this working. I created a symlink inside my driver’s src to the external library and it looks like it packaged it correctly. Can you verify if this is an expected way to bring in libraries since the package command just looks like it is zipping the driver folder?

@blueyetisoftware, We get in touch with the Engineering Team regarding this matter. The will answer you soon, on this same thread.

Hi @blueyetisoftware, we discussed a bit earlier in the day and had come up with the symlink approach as being a potential solution for your problem. The package logic for the CLI plugin (Github Linked) doesn’t handle the case explicitly and it probably isn’t ideal for distribution as developers on other platforms like Windows may not be able to checkout a repo depending on symlinks easily (at least to the best of my recollection).

That being said, I think doing this or introducing your own scripts/Makefiles for performing a copy to a .gitignored directory or similar are reasonable interim approaches. We have previously and may again discuss formalizing a mechanism around this. Any mechanism would most likely still be explicit rather than trying to parse and include contents from your LUA_PATH automatically.

Explicit would be fine, and probably preferred so we know what is being bundled each time.

@posborne Symlinks have been working for the time being with individual files, but the CLI will return an error when trying to symlink a directory. Is it possible to remove that check in the CLI and allow symlinking a directory?