[ST Edge] Honeywell / Ademco Vista Panel - Envisalink

Correct. In the past the sensor device triggered and also set off alerts in STHM. Today, those zone devices didn’t change state at all in ST so nothing else was triggered.

I’ll try to do logs and more testing tomorrow.

One thing I noticed is that I had my partition settings showing the CO zones as smoke originally today. Perhaps I did that because STHM didn’t have an alert for CO detectors? While troubleshooting I adjusted those but can’t remember if I need to do anything special once updated.

I set up the CO zone devices to also have the smoke detector capability (though it’s hidden) so that you can add it to STHM as a smoke detector. It’s possible that swapping profiles may have caused a problem though - it’s a bit clunky the way it’s handled in the app, and it’s possible that it dropped those devices from STHM when you did that. Let me know what you figure out or if you have logs to share!

Just finished moving over from the other integration. Thank you and great job!

I have several glass break sensors and they don’t seem to be working right. I set up the comma list and they are discovered, but don’t report any status and give aessage that the device hasn’t updated it’s status info yet and to check back later.

It looks like it’s connected?

I changed the settings to reflect that it is wireless.

Quick question…is the SHM integration one way only? It other words, if I arm/disarm from the panel in my house will it change the state of SHM? I’m trying it but it seems to be one way only - SHM controls the arming/disarming but not the other way around.

I’m pushing out a new version that should fix this - you should get it sometime in the next 12 hours. I seem to have been fairly inconsistent about calling them “glass break sensors” or “glass sensors” in my code. I’m pretty sure I’ve got that fixed now. You’ll probably need to either delete and re-add those zones or go into settings on each of them and swap them to a different device type and back (just swapping wired/wireless should do the trick).

It’s just one way (STHM arms/disarms Vista) - it’s exploiting the fact when you arm STHM the hub also tries to arm everything that uses the securitySystem capability. I should warn that some people have reported that it is a bit inconsistent in whether or not it works. If you want to have it go the other way (Vista arms/disarms STHM) then you’ll need to set up your own automations.

Thank you. I will look for it, test, and let you know. Thanks again!

Oh wow. Super stoked I stumbled onto this thread.
Back in the ST classic days I used an AlarmDecoder device to connect to my DSC alarm panel. But when Classic went away so did all my alarm control/automations. Even better is that this one is still being supported and developed.

I guess I’m going to have to buy a EyezOn Envisalink now so I can finally get alarm control and automations back.

Thx for the work.

You’ll want the @TAustin integration. This one is for the Honeywell panel.

Thanks man.

To @philh30 and all others that have contributed to this integration, thank you. I had @redloro 's STNP integration working for a while. It stopped working some time ago and I wasn’t able to get it going again. Luckily, I stumbled across this today and am hopeful that I can get it working properly. It seems like I am almost there. Upon setup, all of my contact and smoke sensors were discovered and showed up as expected. However, none of my glass break sensors showed up. I tried a couple of things that I read in previous posts in this topic in hopes that they might refresh the discovery of the glass break sensors. First, I changed the “Alarm Code” to something bogus and changed it back. Second, I changed the “Envisalink LAN Address” to something bogus, waited for it to disconnect, and changed it back to the correct value. Neither of these forced the glass break sensor discovery. Does anyone have any idea why the glass break sensors are not showing up?

Just a little more information, not sure if it makes any difference… My glass break sensors are currently set as Zone Type 03 “Perimeter Burglary”. I am considering changing them to Zone Type 05 “Trouble by Day/Alarm by Night”. If I understand correctly, with Zone Type 05, we should get beeping at the keypad if someone breaks a window on the other side of the house or in the basement during the disarmed state. With Zone Type 03, we would only know of the invasion if we happened to hear the window breaking.

@philh30 looked at my panel and it’s a Honeywell WA3000 ver9.12 which seems to be a Vista-20p

So this driver will work correct?

@cheers4beer I’ve pushed out an update that will hopefully let your glass break sensor devices be created.

@ToXIc The driver interfaces with an Envisalink 3 or 4. If you have a Vista panel and it’s compatible with the EVL interface then the driver should be able to talk to it.

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Sweet thx for the info.

Edit : nope you’re right. I need the one you linked.

Thank you. I tried bouncing them to wired and back and that didn’t work. I deleted them and then let the driver re-add. No error anymore and seem like they are right now. Thanks!

@philh30 Thank you. I will try it as soon as I can and let you know the results. Is it possible to get the glass breaks to pull in without removing, re-discovering, and renaming the rest of my sensors? If so, how do I accomplish this?

Go into the settings of your partition 1 device. Toggle the “add zones” switch off then on. Toggling off won’t delete anything. Toggling on will add any zones you’ve listed that haven’t already been added.

This worked perfectly. Thank you for your help.