[ST Edge] Honeywell / Ademco Vista Panel - Envisalink

Ya, as I am adding these devices I am noticing that. There’s no need for her to have any of these, but I know that’s a whole separate discussion. I’m deleting all the old devices now, which, I assume, means any automation will need to be redone?

Yes. You may want to swap devices in the automations before deleting the old devices.

BTW, she should only see the zones (and even then only a few types - contacts and motions at the very least). You shouldn’t see the partitions pop up in Alexa, though if you choose the option to add virtual switches for arm modes then she’ll have access to those. In my setup, I’ve created the virtual switches but deleted almost all of them.

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I really need to test this, but should this work in WebCoRE when the intrusion (alarm) goes off? FYI: I re-named the partition 1 device to “Honeywell Alarm.” @ philh30 I know you mentioned this a while back.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 11.14.07 PM

It should work. The syntax looks correct and the alarmMode capability does trigger automations. I don’t webCoRE though, so I recommend you test if it’s critical for you.

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Hi @philh30. Thanks for all of your work on this integration, it installed flawlessly and is quite simple to set up!
One issue that I am having however is the ability to integrate with STHM. I was under the impression that this would work natively, however STHM does not seem to recognize with sensors. I am wondering if I have missed something in the configuration, or if I am misunderstanding the capability.

Have you set up all your zones? The zone devices all have at least one capability on them that will allow them to be pulled into STHM as sensors (glass break should pull in as a contact sensor, and carbon monoxide as smoke).

The partition devices won’t pull in as sensors. The integration option in the settings on those devices should automatically arm/disarm the Vista based on the security mode you set for STHM.

Thanks for the reply, I was able to get it working by deleting STHM and then re-adding it, then all of my sensors showed up. It is now working as expected. Thanks again

Hi @philh30, I’m on the same version of your Edge driver, but over the last few days our Routines/Scenes stopped setting the alarm mode and security mode until I rebooted the hub. We are able to use the ST app and the driver to set the alarm mode that way, but not through a routine/scene until after the hub is restarted. Any ideas?