[ST Edge] Honeywell / Ademco Vista Panel - Envisalink

This is fixed in the latest version, dated 2021-11-29. New installs should have the latest version immediately, while existing installs should see the new version within 24 hours. For existing installs, this will not change any existing zones, but new zone devices should be set up properly going forward. You may need to change a preference for your current Highest Wired Zone and Zone Close Delay settings to populate the driver.

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Thanks for all of your work on this. Very much appreciated. Seems to be working well with the STHM integration turned off (using my existing automations and webcore pistons to keep things in sync). I’ll try to experiment with turning on the STHM integration, but do you know which aspects that will actually sync and which will require automations or pistons to supplement?

One other thing I’m noticing is that my smoke sensors are showing on the app with a colorful icon that looks like an alert, yet they state they are Clear. Pulling down to refresh the device or partition isn’t resetting the icon so that it looks greyed out again. I could try manually triggering the alarms to initialize them but my family may not appreciate the fire drills.

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Thank you for all of your feedback!

Flipping that switch in preferences will send a disarm/armAway/armStay command to the partition whenever you change your STHM security mode. It’s a one way STHM->EVL connection. You’ll need to use routines/pistons if you want to do anything else. If you’re using both partitions then you can choose whether to enable it for each one individually.

This uses an undocumented feature of the securitySystem capability, so there’s a chance that it’s unintended behavior that will be patched in the future. For now it works though, and might save you a few routines.

Also, I haven’t built in any logic to change what happens based on the current state of the partition. So if the partition is currently in armStay and you set STHM to armAway, it’ll send the partition the armAway command. I think in that situation the Vista might ignore the command, since it expects you to disarm first. I may be wrong - I’ve tested that it works but haven’t done too much with it. Let me know if you see areas for improvement.

Rats. I made a mistake when I first set up that capability presentation. I tried to fix it but I was never able to get smokes to show proper active/inactive status in the app. I was hoping it was just a caching issue on my app or account, but if it’s happening for you too then it’s either still wrong or it’s caching on a larger scale. I’ll take another look at it and try to figure something out. Don’t put your family through any fire drills - it’s definitely a problem with the capability presentation. The text is correct (you can set a contact sensor to show as a smoke sensor if you want to check), it’s just the icon color that’s wrong.

fwiw, Homekit behaved the same way with my smoke sensor devices (originals from STNP) via Homebridge. Only the smoke sensors show as triggered despite them actually being clear. They did the same in SmartThings as well, but that changed when I initialized by testing their alarms.

one thing I did have with STNP is CO detector devices. I actually created their DTH by copying the smoke DTH. I left the smoke capabilities included so properly register them in SHM and STHM, but it allowed me to use the native carbonMonoxide capability in webcore and on the ST app. not sure if that’s still possible with the edge driver, though it’s also not critical.

I was wondering if we will see more options for zone types like CO, Temperature And So on and the ability to change the contact icon to Display whether it’s a door or window a garage overhead door a sliding glass door or something of that nature it would be really cool if we could get that implemented I would love the edge driver even more

Finally had some time to get back to this driver, so an update dated 2021-12-26 is going out.

This should start displaying properly once the update pushes to your hub.

Added. Once the update is pushed to your hub, CO should show up as an option in zone settings to change the type on existing zones and in primary partition settings to create new zones.

Do your temperature zones just report alarm/clear status, not the actual temperature? What other zone types do you have that you’d be looking for?

ST has rolled this feature out in the Android app, though only for certain device categories for now (contact sensor being one that’s currently available). On the zone device, go into the edit menu and use the Change Icon button. I’d expect to see this feature coming to iOS soon.

Awesome, got it already and it looks good! Thanks!

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Hi @philh30 , something must have recently changed that impacted my ability to arm/disarm my panel. It’s been working great until just recently. My version is 2021-12-26T16:16:30.97497 and I am using an EVL 3.

None of my Routines that used to change the Alarm Mode work anymore, and if I try to change the Alarm Mode via the tile it just spins and returns the error “A network or server error occurred. Try again later”.

I’m not anywhere that I can spin up CLI logging for quite some time, so I’m really hoping you can revert back a change that may be causing this, or have another suggestion to try?

I am able to remotely arm/disarm via my EyezOn link.

Could you try a remote hub reboot through the Groovy IDE?

Yup, trying now. Stay tuned.

That worked, thanks!

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Whew! My best guess is that this happened because the update includes a new custom capability. There used to be an issue where the hub needed a reboot when a new custom capability was introduced. That was supposed to have been fixed though.

Anyway, now that we’re on Edge, reboot is always the first tech support step. It’d be nice to have logs to see what happened, but they’re usually only useful if you had them running ahead of time.

Yep, agreed. Thanks for the quick replies, much appreciated.

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Yes this is what I’m looking for ——> Do your temperature zones just report alarm/clear status

I hope so because I have iOS

Hi, so I am finally getting to switching from the old node proxy to this. I tried to scan for new devices, but it didn’t see anything. I then rebooted ST, but still having no luck. Any help would be great. Thanks.

@smartie Which version hub do you have? Edge drivers should work fine on v2, v3 and Aeotec hubs, but I haven’t seen anyone get one to work on the WiFi router combos.

Check to see whether the driver is actually installed. In the app, open up your hub device. The three dot menu (the same one where Z-Wave utilities are) has a Drivers option. Check if this driver (not just the channel) is listed there. My understanding is that drivers installed through the invitation web page can take a little while to load. I’ve always used the CLI for installation, which is instantaneous, so I don’t have personal experience to confirm that though.

Also… check your No Room Assigned room. The HW Primary Partition 1 may have popped up there without notifying you.

I think I have v2, but I got it to work based on your recommendation to look in No Room assigned. It did show up and I never got notified, interesting. That was sure easy, I just put in all the basic details (IP address, etc.) and it immediately connected. Thank you!

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When I’m adding devices with Edge drivers I often get notification from Alexa before I ever see the device pop up in the discovery scene of the ST app (if it even shows up there).

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