[ST Edge] DSC Security System / Envisalink Driver (2021)

Yea, I’m really sorry about that! Right now I’m trying to finish up multi-partition support. After that I can start to look at what it will take to have a Honeywell version, if no one else can volunteer to have a go at it. It would probably be pretty difficult for me to do it without having an actual system to test.

I have EVL 3 and been running alarm server. Had this 3-4 years. 8 zones. Only motion and contact. Would love to test it.

Hi - I’d love to have you test out the latest driver! I’ve been working with someone to test the multi-partition support, so I want to give you that version to try. Should be fine with one partition too.

Can you install the CLI first so that we can diagnose any issues?
LINK: SmartThings Developer CLI

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This is pretty awesome!

What does the GUI look like?
How many panels does it create?


One for each partition (no more separate stay/away panels)

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