[ST Edge] DSC Security System / Envisalink Driver (2021)

I installed the CLI and figured out how to monitor the envisalink. It says the password is incorrect. I’m using a 10 character alpha-numeric pw and tried changing it. Still says wrong pw even though the password allows me to log into the envislink account. Any ideas?

Are you confusing the Envisalink app cloud password with the Envisalink password, which defaults to “user”?

Thank you to the developer creating this!
Now, my stupid questions as I need to switch from Alarmserver that I set up 5 years ago but my understanding is that it will stop working soon.

I did installed the Edge driver, I can see the DSC Home Alarm Panel in my ST app but even after Setting the EVL4 IP (replacing nnn by the actual local address 137/ static address ) and user by my password ( verified) it still shows offline.
Is possible that the problem is that my alarm server is still running?

Thank you

Noticed that my EVL4 FW was v130 and there is upgrade available so I tried that if it will make any difference.

Shows Online now, zones reported correct status for while but now all zones no longer reporting.
All icons are black and white now. I also unplugged my Alarmserver Raspberry but it did not make any difference.
Any help would be appreciated

T mentioned in a prior question for a user that the password uses at the interface level IS NOT the same as the one you use for web based application.

Thanks for reply!
I’m sure I have the right password (same as when you log in using local IP) since Panel shows On Line
Also it was reporting fine for short period of time.

Well, not sure how, but it’s working now again :upside_down_face:

Also one more question, what are those fields in the app? Don’t see any way to use or edit them. Thanks

Oh man, that’s exactly what I was doing wrong. Switched the pw to “User” and now everything works perfectly. Thank you so much! I’m learning so much tinkering with these systems and I’m so grateful people like you are able to help out when I get stuck!



Now try using your alarm zones for automation.

Credit goes to T for developng a solid edge driver.

If you have android in your car, you can create screen elements to arm disarm, open garage, turn on lights, etc.