[ST Edge] DSC Security System / Envisalink Driver (2021)

Thanks. I thought of that too, but the Virtual Device switch doesn’t have a “partStatus” capability like the real DSC Panel one does. Just On/Off.
Did you figure it out differently?

You will use webCore, testing for the Panel status as in the screenshot above, to turn the virtual switch for the Alarm On/Off. So, when the alarm arms, webCore turns the virtual switch on. You will also set up the reverse in webCore, i.e. when turning the virtual switch On/Off, webCore will arm/disarm the panel.

Thanks @949BFN In WebCore, I have it working well when doing the phycial Panel changes, to update Virtual Switch (used in ActionTiles) like this:

However I can’t find the right command or value to use for “SetPartStatus” to change the main Panel Arm-stay or Disarmed when I click the Virtual Switch On or Off In ActionTiles. This doesn’t work right:

Hi - Don’t use setPartitionStatus for any commands. Use setPartitionCommand. The valid arguments (commands) are as follows:


I would highly recommend you try to move away from webcore and use Automations or Rules unless you really need a specific function of webcore. The piston you posted is pretty simple and can easily be handled by Automations. The new platform devices (like Edge devices) and their states and commands are more straight forward to access and use. I know Rules are a bit too esoteric for most folks, but Automations is quite easy.

NOTE: The above guidance is for the latest testing version of the driver from my testing channel only!

Todd - Regarding your comment about running in parallel w Alarmserver, is that a potential workaround to support Honeywell Vista boards or no? I was looking through your code on github wondering how hard it would be to adapt it for Vista. Did you have to reverse-engineer the EVL codes/commands etc, or is there some developer support?

Hi there - Did you see this recent post?:

I did not, but that sounds like great news! I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes!

@TAustin Most of my stuff in webcore is too complex for ST app automations.
If I try to rewrite my webcore pistons above in ST Automations it will be multiple ones. And then the Rules functions seem way to complex without a nice GUI

Based on the announcement Samsung made at their recent online developer event, the web-based interface to Rules is ready for beta. Hopefully it will be made available soon!

But I do appreciate the point about needing the webcore piston functionality.

Thank you !

This is how I arm the Panel in webCore:

To execute a piston when the alarm is armed:

To Test which of the Zones triggered the Alarm (Note: Single “!”):

To execute a piston when the Alarm is triggered (Note double “!!”):

@taustin the “disarm” command is not working when I use it. “armstay” works fine, just not “disarm”. It doesn’t do anything

Does using the mobile app buttons to disarm work?

No it doesn’t work… Can’t disarm thru the app. Have to disarm manually through the panel.

I have lurked around this forum for the last 3 years and this DSC integration is what I would of written code for if I was capable, a big thanks for making my dream come true! I can now get rid of some battery powered sensors.

My DSC alarm is programmed to use a 6 digit code, so I’m not able to enter a code under the DSC Alarm code setting.

Also if zones 1-9 were renamed 01-09 they should sort correctly instead of falling after the last 2 digit zone number.

I have a EVL-4

Enivsalink 3 vs Envisalink 4 Difference
The Envisalink 3 only supports 6 ASCII digits for a password but the Envisalink 4 supports 10.

Thanks for your post!

Can you tell me what model number is your DSC?

I can get you a modified version of the driver to test that would address the issues you mentioned.

For posterity, with some debugging we found and fixed a bug @KB111 uncovered when the passcode started with a ‘0’, so his is working now with the driver fix. Thanks to @KB111 for getting logs that exposed the problem.

PC1864 Power series 64 Zones

OK thanks.

This is an easy update to the profile to allow up to 6 digits.

Given that the device settings allowed a password to be up to 16 characters, this wouldn’t have been an inhibitor, however not sure why I had it set to 16; I’ll reset that to 10 max now that you pointed this out.

Are you talking about in Settings? If so, this is a curious one, as mine (on iOS phone) are sorted correctly. Do you have Andriod? Perhaps a SmartThings bug?

OK, I’ve pushed out a driver update that should allow you to enter a 6-digit alarm code. Please test and let me know how you make out. I’ve noticed that with the new mobile app update I got last week, in Settings it now shows the allowable number of characters when you are editing an input field, so that will help you know you have the update.

Password has also been limited to 10.

I didn’t do anything about the zone sorting, since that may be a SmartThings issue.