[ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya)

Installed great, picked it up right away and seems ok, Just that I always get an error that it has not updated it status… and Routines are not working at all :frowning:

Any idea how to connect this dimmer to smartthings? I tried many drivers but none worked. Maybe somehow use driver for the old tradfri dimmer - that connects to smartthings just fine?

Hi I need Ikea Symfonisk Knob edge driver? @ygerlovin @finner @dotan_shai


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Did you find any edge driver?

Has anyone found a driver for this IKEA RODRET yet?

I have not for now.

i keep getting an error when i try to join the driver channel.

Couldn’t load webpage

The webpage didn’t respond to the request in time.

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Hi, could you please add this remote/scene switch for me? It’s one of the tuya 3ch scene switch/button

I think we’re all still hanging out for this driver. Mine hasn’t been working for some time now, the ‘Zigbee Thing’ driver that gets loaded when I connect the Knob just reports signal strength, groups, and bindings - no options for mapping button presses or knob control.

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Hello @ygerlovin
Although you haven’t posted on this thread since November 2022, I still want to say thank you for the only driver that actually works with my Zigbee smart knob. On the off chance that you haven’t completely abandoned the ‘Zigbee Button Remote’ driver’s development and maintenance, would happen to know why “signal strength” is listed twice on the routine creation menu?

Also, I was hoping that you might explain how to use the “Remote Operation Mode” feature. Changing the option to “Direct” doesn’t seem to do anything, and I have not found any configuration guidelines about how to use it for direct Zigbee bulb pairing and dimmer control.

I’m taking a guess one is LQI and the other is RSSI

Has anyone found a driver for this IKEA RODRET yet?

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Hello @ygerlovin ,

Do you think you would be able to add support for the IKEA RODRET Dimmer? It is similar to the IKEA Styrbar, but instead of having 4 buttons it only has two. And unfortunately, I have not been able to make a functional driver for it…:cry::man_facepalming:

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That makes sense but I can’t imagine a situation where someone would need two separate routines based on each signal type.