ST_Anything, No Child devices showing up, Parent Device is

Hi, I’m new to smartthngs but not new to Arduino devices. I have a hub V2 and Adafruit Feather ESP board. Updated my ST IDE with ST_Anything Parent and child devices. They all show up as published. I followed the wiki to a tee…
I can ping my ESP board and hub using there static IP’s… The code compiles fine on the ESP board. My hub shows up on the IDE (na4 url)… Got the MAC address from the serial monitor. When I open the device in the IDE it does not show any child devices but they do show up in the device handlers. Any ideas? Thanks.

You will get better response by posting in the ST_Anything thread: [RELEASE] ST_Anything v2.9 - Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 to ST via ThingShield, Ethernet, or WiFi

With that said make sure the MAC address is entered exactly (in all CAPS), make sure you downloaded the child devices into your IDE that you are using, and beyond that make sure you go into configure the device like it should pop up a warning to do. I’ve found the “buttons” preference has to be set to 1, saved, then switched back to 0 and saved for it to work (or if you are using buttons whatever number you want). After that just give it a couple minutes.

I just added a second ESP32 running ST_Anything yesterday night so I know it works on the latest version of ST_Anything and of the SmartThings platform.


That button 1 then 0 trick worked… Thanks…