Spruce Irrigation problems too

I have had ST for a long time and have had various learning curves on different products and some challenges over time with certain sensors, etc. I have always been able to work through them. However, I have had continual problems with Spruce Irrigation products. Over and over they fail to deliver every year. Every year I have to spend a lot of time going back and forth with email support to get things working somewhat satisfactorily. Well this year they changed so much I couldn’t get my controller working. No matter what I did it wouldn’t water, or it would overwater or would say it was “paused”. Nothing would work. Then they blamed ST for not being able to set the correct watering restrictions.

I finally decided that I don’t have the energy or desire to work through their issues. The moisture sensors last a year or maybe two, their controller requires special code to get it to work right that is required through the ST IDE (Who thought that up anyway? Why should customers need to load code to make things work right?).

As you can tell I am very disappointed with Spruce. It’s unfortunate–I really wanted to like it and use it, but there are so many products in this space that are easy to setup and use. It doesn’t have to be this complex. I wouldn’t recommend their products. I think they look good on paper but performance is questionable at best.

Which Spruce model? Gen 1? If so, then yes it was specifically designed to work through ST. Spruce recently updated it’s app for that controller. Did you go through the add device process and search by brand to find Spruce, or are you using the old smartapp?

If you’re using their Gen 2 controller, or newer, their smartapps haven’t updated for the new ST platform yet, but that’s ok because their mobile app for the controller is way better.