Spectrum Electric Projector Screen

(Michael Langkilde) #1

I have the wiring drawings for the switch I just have never dealt with the Arduino Shield and would like some help and code to add the arduino shield to my hub and connect the wires and do the code so I can make the screen go up and down.

(Brian) #2

Can you post more details about he screen wiring? Possibly a diagram?
this is a good post for the thing shield info

and fundamentals for arduino

(Michael Langkilde) #3

Here is the diagram.

It would be nice to see if there were anyone in or near Vegas to meet up and do some hands on programming and things of ST nature.

(Brian) #4

How do you control this right now? IR remote?

(Geko) #5

Just one comment - by convention, White is Neutral and Black is Hot. Not that it matters to me, but a licensed electrician may want to slap you. :smile:

(Michael Langkilde) #6

Not my drawings. The company that builds the screens drawings.

(Michael Langkilde) #7

The wiring drawing does not show it but there is a RJ-45 port that the red and purple connect to.

(Brian) #8

I think youre going to have to test these leads to see if you are getting voltage to actuate the motor, or if you are getting a contact closure (to ground), or something else

(Michael Langkilde) #9

Here is the wiring diagram for the RJ45 diagram