Special 'Follow Me' Light Control

Hello SmartPeople, I’m looking for a solution to the following:

I have a surveillance system that does not integrate with SmartThings (boo!). However, it does generate an email when it detects motion which IFTTT can use to turn on a light switch in SmartThings (yeah!). I’ve created a virtual switch in SmartThings to reflect the status of the on state with the motion detection.

Now, what I would like is to turn on a select group of external lights that are governed by the motion detection but only during a specified time (from sunset to sunrise). So this would be similar to Follow Me but limited to a user defined effectivity time period. I’d like the external lights to turn off after a specified period of time, too ( I think I can use Power Allowance for this.)

So, any suggestions. The surveillance system can specify by camera, the times that motion detection should be operating and emails sent. However, I would like motion detection to be on all the time so that the motion gets recorded, but only want the lights to come on after sunset, of course.

Thanks, in advance.


Take a look at @ady624 CoRE smartapp here


Thanks for the tip. I tracked it down and loaded a copy into my SmartApps. Fired it up and wrote a simple double condition If/Then statement. I’ll be checking it later to see if it works.

If it does, this would be phenomenal. I just copied the code and didn’t ‘fork’ it. I really don’t understand GitHub so I copy code and publish to my personal space. Given that this code is beta, it’s just as well, since updates would probably invalidate any Pistons I’ve created.

Wow, is all I can say!


I have no doubt CoRE will do what you are requesting. FYI; I would encourage you to get your hub integrated with GitHub though especially with CoRE being in development. @ady624 puts out updates like a machine and having the integration makes it child’s play to do an update and it seems like he has an update to CoRE several times in a week. Thus far the updates haven’t affected Pistons that I created. Here are the steps if you want to give a go.

Well, I’m not a software coding person (well, at least not recently), but have read the docs and installed the desktop GIT, forked the CoRE repository and cloned it to my desktop. Not sure what happens when new code arrives and how that will get published into my SmartApps, but I’ll deal with it when it happens.