Speaker to play notifications and alarms

I have the v3 hub and severall xiaomi and aqara sensors and want to buy a speaker to play notifications and alarms.

I have small kids and want to play an alarm sound when a door is opened. It does not need to be a 110 db alarm or have a strobe light.

I would like to have a noticeable sound, music or without being the the disruptive sirene alarm. If possible to read notifications.

I have the google nest mini but it does not play notifications or alarms. Does the sonos one do all this and replace the google nest mini, with improved sound quality or does it lacks some of the abilities?
Thank you!

I think Sonos or Bose will give you maximum flexibility with SmartThings to either speak or play audio files with volume control as well.

You can also check out this app for an option to play custom notifications/audio files.

Thank you Rboy! interesting apps and DTH. one question: still need the speaker to play the notifications, if I don´t wan´t them to play in my mobile only, correct?

Yes you’ll need a SmartThings compatible speaker like a Bose or Sonos. It doesn’t play in your phone (well not without a special integration like a DLNA player)

Ikea SYMFONISK (by Sonos) is a bit cheaper than actual Sonos brand and do spoken notifications just fine. Speaker notifications are icluded in basic ST automations.


Thank you both. Sonos is indeed a fast forward solution with good sound quality but a but pricey. Will consider this investment…
Thanks once again.

What about the Xiaomi MI Smart Speaker? It’s much more affordable than sonos or bose, but I don’t know if it’s compatible as a Smartthings Speaker

here is a cheaper $99 ikea/sono speaker

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