Source code for D-Link connect

Hello All, I am looking for the dlink device handler/smart app source code. I would like to extend the capability to include the dcs-2132 motion sensor.

I am new to this any help would be appreciated.

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Device type handlers for video devices are still going through a beta process and are not available yet. No release dates, but we are working hard to deliver these device types along with other camera integrations.

Working very hard but no release date, Sounds like a very corporate response :disappointed:

Apologies if it sounded that way. There are multiple new components involved in the live video device types that have not been released for general consumption at this point, and these are the things holding back the device types. HTML5 is the big one. Work is underway to get the new HTML based SmartApps and Device Type abilities out to developers, we even demoed it in the last developer call.

No probs, those developer calls are the ones available on youtube? Gotta watch them. Thanks for the
updates. I was thinking about using some code to read my emails when an alert comes from my DLink
cam to then using the Smartthings api to turn the switch on. Over kill but should work.

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Hey Jody put together this not too clean
but any pointers welcomed

So far so good. You could better document what your code does and why one would want to use it.