Sonos: speaker notify with sound (custom messages not working)

My first post so please forgive me if this isn’t the correct section.

I purchased ST a month or so ago and was able to put in custom messages with no problems at all. Within the past week, I can no longer enter any custom messages in. When I try and save I get this error “failed to save page: mainpage”

I can still use all the pre-set options, like dog bark and fire alarm.

Is there any fix to this?

I’d appreciate any help
Thank you

I too am experiencing this problem. I think SmartThings has done something on their back end to combat people like you and I who are using the source code. I’ve been emailing them about this issue and they said they are re-working there TTS system and will be re-releasing the app later.

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I suggest you look at this… It does the same the original sonos app does + additional functionality

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Thank you for the link pizzinini… I tried the DLNA player. The player has a much longer delay then the sonos version. I appreciate your help!

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Ya the delay is killing me. Are the Sonos apps gone for good?

What are you currently using for your custom messages?

I am having the same issues.

I just put in two Play1’s with the justification for my wife that I could use them as annunciators for open/close sensors and mode changes. Hope this can be fixed. I never even got to play with it. :unamused:

Good news… It’s back and working!

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Looks like there is no activity on this thread since its last update…

I’m experiencing this issue now exactly as described by the OP. Is anyone else’s behaving the same way?

Yea, there’s several recent threads about tts having broke late last week.

Yeah, I was fixing the kids’ bedtime announcements yesterday and the app does the famous ‘an unexpected error occurred’ toast. Wish I would have known before deleting the old ones lol.

Having the same issue, get “An unexpected error occurred” only when trying to use custom message.

Still not working for people? I haven’t looked until now and getting an error? Any fix coming?

Just got this from support:(I give them credit for being honest as this just shows you they are under a tight budget and cannot extend capacity).

Custom text-to-speech audio notifications are currently non-functional as we have hit a monthly limit. These notifications will begin functioning again as of August 1 00:00 UTC. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are actively working to increase this limit to avoid future disruptions.

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…or they just didn’t pay close enough attention to how close they were to their limit until it stopped working.

If they can’t afford it, that’s scary. If it was just careless, that’s par for the course.

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Limits can always be extended when using a third party provider. Clearly they don’t want to pay for extra tiers.

Yonomi does this over Sonos. Disappointed to find that Smartthings can’t.