Sonos One and SmartThings

I toyed at getting rid of my Sonos Play:1’s as I have a couple of Homes. There is a distinct drop in quality of the speaker. I’m not really into music and would probably still be fine with a couple of Homes, but side by side there really is no comparison. Play:1’s blow it out of the water.

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I am having my Play:3 in Smartthings for a while but I don’t think I found the way to get notifications on it.

How do we get that working? The standard DTH for Sono from the Lab is just a player type of DTH, nothing fancy.


As others have mentioned it was for the sound quality but I also wanted to use it for NOTIFICATIONS. Are you indicating that the other speakers you mentioned will also provide notifications? If so, could you be specific on how to set it up? I also have Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) so I would appreciate if you could give me specific instructions on how to use that speaker for notifications.

I contacted Sonos a second time and they are now saying the Sonos One cannot be used for notifications but they put in a request to their developers.

Thank you

It took me about 50 attempts to find my Sonos Ones!

Hello, I don’t think I am willing to try 50 times. To verify, you have the new Sonos One and not a Sonos Play? I believe the Sonos One was available October 2017. I have tried 30 times and still no connection. Several times I have waited at least 10 minutes.

yes I have two Sonos Ones, along with a Play 5 and a bunch of in ceiling stuff. Having real issues finding all my sonos stuff. Currently I have found both my Sonos Ones and one in ceiling one.

BTW everytime it found something it did it within 20 seconds.

Sure with ask Alexa and core

Unfortunately core is far beyond my capabilities. That is the reason I purchased the Sonos. I assumed it would be plug and play.

I haven’t switched to webCORE but CoRe is actually easy for simply items. It can get more complex the further you go down the rabbit hole. But there is a thread to post your questions and get help.

when you said it took you 50 times, how long did you wait for each “add thing” attempt? I have one “Sonos One” (not sonos play 1). Left the add thing search for long time several times but no luck. Could you describe your network setup to get the sonos one to be found? Was it with Smartthings Classic app ? etc

I have been trying to connect the Sonos One (not Sonos Play 1) since I purchased it and whenever there was a Sonos speaker update with no success. This morning I was installing a motion sensor and while adding the motion sensor the Sonos speaker was also found. That really surprised me since I wasn’t looking for it. I set the Sonos speaker up and now I can get audio notifications with the speaker.

I don’t know what firmware was on the Sonos speaker being AFTER setting up the Sonos speaker with Smartthings I went to the Sonos speaker app to see what firmware was installed and there was an update available (8.6) as soon as the app was launched.

Good luck to everyone else.

You are so lucky. I guess I just need to get some luck one day too. Latest updates and regular smart things classic app still do not work for me with my Sonos One :frowning:

I am trying to figure what happened that I am now able to connect to the Sonos speaker. I don’t think it was a Sonos update. I am using an iPhone (X) with Smartthings Classic and I noticed there was a new update (2.16.1) for the Smartthings app 3 days ago. That is the version software that I am using. I didn’t selectively install this version so it must have installed automatically although in the past I was notified before installation.

I use my sonos one to play Notifications, using webcore. You can create pistons(automations) -| and then speak the text that you want.

Just my two cents

For $25 I can do that with the Google home Mini. I also use my phone and a b speakers if need be but I was just trying to see if there was a reason why the Sonos was needed.

Well ok. That was just one example I can stream music, play radio stations, much better sound. Also has Alexa built in, with google Home to come this year. That’s just a few more. But I do understand the 25 dollar idea.

I had a fabriq speaker that played Notifictions but kept locking hp, so I replaced with the one and never looked back. Now when google Home is added it will be the best of all wolds.

Just my two cents worth

I actually do have home mini too but making it trigger to speak for home automation I haven’t figured out. Right now using vlc thing/big talker 2 to do trigger notification taking but would love to get my sonos one to do it too in another room. Webcore idea sounds good but never done it. I only have Core and created pistons that way. Vlc thing doesn’t take to Google mini. I guess I’ll search the threads on webcore until I get lucky enough to discover sonos one. My wife has an iPhone 8, maybe I’ll try that. I use galaxy 8, no luck.

can you do this with an echo dot as well? I already have 4 of them. I just bought a house and I’m redoing all my SH stuff. I was renting for 2 years when I moved states and let all my stuff sit except for exterior lighting. Just now getting back into everything so I wasn’t aware that the google home could play TTS. I haven’t set anything up yet, but I have installed webcore. The learning curve is pretty big so far.

Yes with webcore and a second speaker