Sonos Favorites cause touchscreen formatting issues

I have an activity configured to listen to music on my Sonos speakers. I noticed that when I run that activity and view the Sonos favorites screen, the formatting for the rest of the touchscreen displays are messed up.
Before viewing favorites:

Sonos favorites:

Activity menu after viewing favorites:

TV Favorites after viewing Sonos favorites:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Listen to Sonos activity
  2. Swipe touchscreen to favorites
  3. View any screen after that

To fix: Hold down “Off” button until remote reboots

You might want to report this to Logitech, or are you saying it’s a SmartThings routine you are running?

Since Logitech nor Sonos are anything to do with Samsung SmartThings I’m not sure what people can do to help.

I’m an idiot. I meant to post this in Logitech forums but for some reason did it here.